10 Stunning Celebrity Homes

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Do you know where celebrities live? Of course in the house, but do you know where are those? And also do you know what type of home they have? Most of the celebrities choose their home on the basis of preference, and few rare celebs want their home for comfort and luxury.

The famous celebs like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie come in first ranking when it comes to the stunning house. Here are top 10 celebrity’s homes.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie [Worth $60 million]

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie House France

When you think of the large property of a celeb, you might consider Brad Pitt as one. The property, named Chateau Miraval located in Southern France cost $60 million to build. There is total of 35 rooms and a channel, rounding the house.

Ryan Seacrest [Worth $49 million]

Ryan Seacrest House

Originally of Ellen Degeneres, Ryan bought this amazing house at the price of $49 million. The house is in Beverly Hills. This property includes one main house along with two small houses for guests stay.

Ellen bought this house for $29 million only but added another 9500 square ft. for additional houses. The value of this house then increased.

Cher, Goddess of Pop [Worth $45 million]

Cher, Goddess of Pop House

Cher’s house is Italian type, located in Malibu is full of scenery. The view of Pacific Ocean could be regarded from this house. This property cost about $45 million with the total area of 14000 square ft. The best part is unlimited swimming pool facing the ocean.

Tiger Wood [Worth $40 million]

Tiger Wood House

Tiger’s house in Jupiter Florida leaves larger homes behind. The whole property cost about $40 million. The home alone covers 9000 square feet, and rest is golf yard. Tiger set yard to practice as well as to train.  This customised property is beauty itself.

Matt Lauer [Worth $36.5 million]

Matt Lauer House

Matt bought this property from Richards Gere. The house located at Hamptons cost about $36.5 million. The property covers 270072 square ft, of the area. The main house comes with 12 bedrooms.

Jerry Seinfeld [Worth $32 million]

Jerry Seinfeld House

Located in East Hampton, Jerry paid about $32 million for this house. The house is of 24 rooms along with music and smoking room. The house is mainly furnished with woods, includes 14 firesides and tennis court. You can spend your days in one room and night in another each month for a year.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia [Worth $26.5 million]

Ellen Degeneres and Portia House

After selling the previous house to Seacrest, Ellen and Portia bought this house for $26.5 million. The property in total is of 100188 square ft, along with biggest pool, GYM and open court.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen [Worth $22 million]

Tom Brady House

Tom and Gisele purchased this house for mere $22m, located in Los Angeles. This custom beauty is situated in Chestnut Hill, near Brookline country club. The area covered is 22000 square ft, surrounded by trees. There are eight bedrooms, a sweet dice all-in-one kitchen, GYM and fitness room, spa, swimming pool and bar. The house has six garages.

Kim and Kayne West [Worth $21.5 million]

Kim and Kayne West House

Not the very luxurious home, this house is perfect for the couple with their economic status. This house is purchased at $21.5 million, comes with only five bedrooms and attached bathrooms. Not so luxurious, but has an elevator. The house covers 9000 square ft, area.

John Travolta [Worth $2.7 million]

John Travolta House

John Travolta, known for his preference has different house among all. The house cost merely $2.7 million but looks like $207 million house. This house comes with its runway; as John has some aeroplanes. Not just that, the house is capable for parking his Boeing 707.

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