Actor Albert Finney, age 79, and wife Pene Delmage getting a divorce?

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The life of a celebrity is never away from gossips and rumors, whether they be true or fake. At present, the victims of these vicious rumors are Albert Finney and his wife Pene Delmage. There has been a big rumor flying about that the couple is getting divorced.

An English actor, Albert Finney has two children named Simon and Michael. He is currently leading a successful married life with his third wife Pene Delmage. They got married after a relationship of 1 year in 2006.

Happily together for the last 9 years, the couple has always supported each other. His wife, Pene, stood beside him when Albert fought against his cancer in 2011. After disappearing for his treatment, the actor was back again in the screen.

Our sources close to the actor have revealed that Finney always has his wife to support him in his bad days and has never felt alone. Pene seemed quite worried when her husband was fighting against kidney cancer. He almost died. But his wife was there to support him both physically and morally.

After many unsuccessful relationships and two successive divorces, Finny finally had a long term relationship with Pene. May be due to this particular reason, their relationship is the target for rumors of separation. On the contrary, an insider close to the celebrity has clearly mentioned that they have a sound marital relationship. Furthermore, the insider clearly denies any probability of them getting divorced.

Albert in one of his interview mentioned that he is exceptionally happy to be with Pene. Furthermore, he added with a smile, “I’m a born flirt, and that will never stop, but I would take things no further. I’m loyal and content.”

Well, Albert’s fan can now be happy for all these reports were just rumors. This man, who likes to keep his profile low, wishes to lead the rest of his life with the only woman he loves.  

This courageous personality was born as the son of a bookmaker in Gritty Salford by Manchester. He studied in a local Grammar school and later acquired the membership of Royal Shakespeare Company.

Albert Finney, age 79, began his career as an actor in a theatre. He performed in a play by Willaim Shakespeare, which was quite successful. Later in early 1960s, he began achieving prominence in movies as well as TV shows. He is well known for superb performance in movies like Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Tom Jones, Annie, The Dresser and many more. He also directed a movie called charles bubbles.

He was nominated for the Oscars five times. In 1968, he won an Olivier Award for Orphans. He also won three Evening standard Theatre Awards for Best Actor.

Sources have disclosed that Albert Finny has a net worth of $10 million dollars.


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