Actor Dirk Blocker and wife Danielle Abuchon getting a divorce after more than 25 years of married life??

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  Dennis Dirk Blocker, commonly known as Dirk Blocker a very successful television and film actor who was born in Los Angeles is now at the age of 57. He has been acting for the past 42 years. Dirk is the son of an American actor, Dan Blocker and the younger brother of producer David Blocker. Despite of his heavy weight and not looking fit like other actors his perfection in each role and his acting skills have successfully been able to win millions of hearts.  

Blocker’s father was an actor and his elder brother is a film producer so, he had a similar environment at home which influenced him to be an actor. So, we can say that acting was in his blood which made him a talented actor. His perfect acting skills are the reason behind his success.

   Dirk got married to his wife, Danielle Aubuchon in the year 1990, November 3 and till now they have a smooth relationship.  There has not been even a single scratch in their relationship. But still the couple does not have any children and the reason behind that is unclear. 

    Dirk first appeared in American TV show, Marcus Welby, MD. when he was 16 years old. He's had guest roles in TV shows like ER, Little House on the PrairieThe X-Files, Beverly Hills, etc. Blocker was a regular on Baa Baa Black Sheep playing the role of pilot Jerry Bragg. His movies include Midnight Madness, Raise The Titanic, Night of the Scarecrow, Cutting Glass, Mad City, etc.

    His net worth is heard to be approximately at $4 million. And because of his heavy weight, he is not much seen to uploading pictures on social media. But it does not matter at all as he has the best acting skills. He currently plays Detective Michael Hitchcock on the fox comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    Dirk and Danielle have passed the silver jubilee of their marriage and still have a harmonious relationship. Dirk is not heard to be involved on extra marital affairs as their relation is built on trust and mutual understanding. There is no any probability of Blocker couple getting divorced.

After having been together for 25 years, we don’t see Dirk and Danielle getting divorced any time soon. They will surely have a very prosperous life ahead and we do wish them for their good life.