Actress Abigail Hawk's is engaged with Joseph Palazzo for 4 years. Are they just dating or they are married?

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‘Blue Bloods’ star Abigail Hawk has been dazzling television industries with her charismatic personality, fabulous acting talent and obviously her gorgeous looks. However, even though she is popular people might not know about her personal facts as she is very private. So, let us find some interesting facts about her life.

Professional career of Abigail Hawk

Abigail HawkAbigail Hawk

Abigail practiced acting in her high school years and later on she earned a degree in theater. In the year 1995, she starred in the series ‘Really Check’.

Similarly, she was also a part of an Oscar-nominated musical ‘Across the Universe’. Abigail also appeared in the movies ‘The Unidentified’ and ‘Maria Macabre’.


In the year 2010, she was cast in the television series ‘Blue Bloods’ as assistant detective Abigail Baker. It was the time for Abigail to give her career best performance and as detective Baker, she actually ruled the television industry with her performance.

Her performance was not only appreciated by the fans but also from the critic as well. After ‘Blue Bloods’, she has appeared in several other TV series like ‘Blood of Proof’ and ‘Bubble Girl’ and has been able to charm the audiences with her acting talent.

Married Life of Abigail Hawk and her husband Bryan Spies

Abigail Hawk and husband Bryan Spies

Abigail married Bryan who was a former employee at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery in New York City in April 2009. The couple got engaged in March 2209, after dating for several years and later on got married in Roswell.

Even though the couple has lived a very secretive life, we can assume that they are happy together as there are no such rumors of their divorce and whenever, they attend events together, the pair looks very adorable and in love together.

Recently, when Abigail was invited as a guest of honor at the Spring Gala of Heartshare Human Services of New York in September 2016 she attended the ceremony with her husband and they looked amazing together.

She also received the Linda Dano Award, which is named after longtime HeartShare champion and also Emmy award-winning actress Linda Dano. In the event, it was clearly visible that Abigail and her husband share a pretty amazing bond. As of now, the couple does not have any child maybe they are planning have one soon.


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