Actress Gina finally dating again, months after breaking up with ex-boyfriend Henry Caville!!

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Former UFC fighter turned actress Gina Carano was first introduced to the Superman star Henry Cavill while filming for the Fast and Furious franchise in London. Luke Evans, the villain of the movie introduced the both of them. The couple were first seen together in the fall of 2012 and made their first official appearance at the 2013 Critics Choice Awards in January.

The couple split in June of 2013 but again rekindled their relationship in the month of December the same year. Once again the couples were inseparable throughout spring of 2014 and were seen frequently holding hands and going for hikes. They eventually split up again. And it seems like the actress is finally moving on with someone else.

After Cavill, Gina’s most recent love interest is rumored to be her Deadpool Co-star Ed Skrien. The two have been reportedly charming each other on social networking sites and Skrien has recently just flown in to Miami to spend time with her.

The MMA star has sparked rumors between her and the Transporter star by repeatedly referring to him as Darling and Love on Social networking platforms. The two were seen going out frequently for dinners while filming Deadpool.

The former MMA star has been linked to several people over the years. While filming for the Haywire, Carano was linked with her co-star Channing Tatum. Apart from serious commitments like the one she had with Henry, she has had a number of flings with other celebrities. Carano’s first relationship was with Maui Thai fighter Kevin Ross.

Following her departure from MMA Gina featured in Steven Soderbergh’s action thriller Haywire. After Haywire she featured in Fast & Furious 6 and has currently been cast in the upcoming marvel movie Deadpool .Carano had little difficulty in changing professions from a professional fighter to an actor.

Carano has two other movies set to release early in 2016. Now that she is an actress, many would not believe it when they found out that she had an almost perfect record in MMA. She only lost one bout in her career. This also happened to be the last bout before her hiatus from the sport. Carano has shown intentions of rejoining UFC, but hasn’t said when the move will happen.

In the year 2008 Carano was voted the most influential women in 2008. The same year, she garnered the title of “Face of Women’s MMA.” In 2009 she was voted by public as being the “Hottest Women in the USA”by Biz Biz Magazine. Also in 2009, she was ranked 16th in Maxim’s Hot 100 List. That same year Gina was the third most searched person on Google.

Carano has also been cast as the lead in the Kick boxer remake, the Film is titled ‘Kick boxer: Vengeance’ and production is under way. Many women have claimed that Gina was a source of inspiration for them, after seeing her turn her career from a fighter to an actress.

Gina has a net worth of over $3 Million. She is socially active on Twitter and is known to post feeds regularly. She can be followed under the username @ginacarano.


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