Actress Jennifer Lien and husband Phil-seon Hwang, at the end of their married life??

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Jennifer Lien, an American former actress (1990-2002) was born in Palos Heights, U.S. in August 1974. Lien started her acting career at the early age of 16 and left it at the age of 28. She is best known for playing the role of Kes in the TV series Star Trek: Voyager.

Lien married her husband- writer and filmmaker, Phil Hwang and they had their first child Jonah on September 5, 2002. Lien then retired from her acting career but was executive producer on her husband’s 2008 film Geek Mythology. Phil is famous for this same movie.

Lien has been married to with Phil since approximately 15 years and are the parents of one son, Jonah who is now of 14 years. There have not been any rumors about extra marital affair of either Jennifer or Phil since they got married. Phil is busy in his own production works and Lien has just finished her studies and is taking care of the son Jonah.

   Lien says her childhood was rough because she was uncomfortable living in the place where she lived (the South side of Chicago). It was a very industrial place and she saw her friend going into drugs and dying because of it but she managed to adjust there. Lien used to be a tomboy in her early childhood and used to hang out with guys.

Later in the eighth grade, with the advice of her Drama/ English teacher, she joined an acting class at the Illinois Theatre Center. She had roles in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” and “Othello” before moving on to more contemporary dramatic and musical theatre. Lien did industrial films and some theatre. And then she started to be hired by the directors and was called to New York.

    Jennifer has acted in the movies like Baby Blood, American History X, Hoofboy, SLC Punk, Rubbernecking and The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride. Lien’s TV shows were Another World, Phenom , The Critic, Star Trek: Voyager, Superman, etc. Lien first appeared on television in a bubblegum advertisement in the 80s. And she first starred in episode of Brewster Place as Oprah Winfrey. The total net worth of this former actress is estimated at $5 million.

    Even Jennifer is heard to be arrested for the exposure in front of her children which was seen by her neighbor where she was lifting her shirt up and dragging down her pants and when her neighbor claimed that she used vulgar words on her. But later she got arrested.

  Despite all these bad events in her life, there is not seen any scratch on marital life of Jeniffer and Phil. As they are maintaining a smooth relationship, they are unlikely to get divorced. We just wish them a cheerful married life ahead.

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