Actress Mo Collins and second husband Alex Skuby thinking of adopting children???

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Actress Mo Collins and her second husband Alex Skuby might be thinking of adopting children, rumor has it.

The American actress and comedian, who still looks young and hot at the age of 50, has been married to her second husband Skuby since 2013. And though she already has a son named Cullen Englund from her former husband, Jimi Englund, it is being rumored that the hottie wants to adopt a child or two with her current husband. 

The actress, who is best known as a member of the ensemble on FOX's sketch comedy series MADtv, is said to be quite eager to adopt children. A source close to the actress revealed that the Arrested Development star and her current husband have been planning to adopt children as they do not have kids of their own together. 

The actress and her husband have decided to adopt kids as Skuby is very fond of them. 

The insider, who claims to be quite close to the star and her better half, revealed the reason behind the couple’s aforementioned decision. The source said, “Maureen and Alex love children, especially Alex. But they do not have a child of their own. Though Maureen has a son from her previous marriage, he is quite grown up now. 

“She was quite worried that Alex won’t have children of his own, whom he can give his name to. So, the couple tried their best to have a baby, but in vain. They made desperate attempts for children. They visited doctors and Maureen even undertook several artificial procedures in order to get pregnant, but nothing worked.

“The doctors cited Maureen’s age and her battle with cancer as the main reason behind this failure. The pair had almost lost hope. But a close friend of theirs advised them to try and adopt a child. They though the idea was brilliant.

Both Maureen and Alex have come to the conclusion that it is better to give their name and a proper life to a parentless child than conceiving one. So now they are on their way to fulfill the dream,” said the informant. 

The gossip monger also added that though the couple had decided to adopt, the procedure had not started yet and it would take a lot of time as well. So, if everything the story bearer told is true, then we would like to wish all the best to this lovely couple. 

Mo is married to American actor, Alex Skuby, who is well known for playing Doug Pruzan Esq. on The King of Queens. They have been together since 2013. She was previously married to actor and composer Jimi Englund. The couple divorced later. 

 The stand-up comedian is recovering from a rare form of cancer known as GIST. She was diagnosed in 2011 after she discovered an odd lump in her abdomen. 

The actress has appeared in several movies and TV shows and has an estimated net worth of $3 million dollars. 

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