Adam Savage and his wife do not want their kids joining the show biz

Adam Savage is one of the few people in Hollywood who can turn your ambitions into reality. He is a master special effects fabricator who has shaped some of Hollywood’s most visually stunning movies “The Matrix Reloaded” and “Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones”.

Adam, who has spent most of his life dealing with show business, has mentioned that he does not want his children to join the business. He considers the show business to be extremely cruel and has voiced his opinions many times against it. He rather says that he wants his children to look for more “normal” professions.

Julia, Adam’s wife, is also concerned that the children, who have grown in an entertainment community, will want to join the business. She has been trying very hard to divert their attention to what she considers to be more appropriate for them.

They both want their eldest child to choose medicine or business as his profession when it’s time and have been influencing him in subtle ways. Their youngest already has been voicing his desire to become a lawyer later on in his life and they have been supporting him whole heartedly.

Adam has, time and again, said he loves his children and he does not want them to end up in show biz as it is a profession he considers to be difficult and morally ambiguous. He wants to distance them from the industry.

Adam has been married to his wife Julia for more than a decade now. They were married in the year 2002. Prior to their marriage, Adam and Julia were dating for over three years. Adam has said Julia, as a girlfriend, had always been supportive of his works and he always saw his ideal wife in Julia.

Although Adam originally is from New York, he moved west early on his career. Adam and Julia, in the year 2008, purchased one of the most spectacular houses in California. The house has been featured in several music videos and a couple a TV shows. It has also been listed in the top ten most spectacular celebrity houses.

Adam is known to value his work and family very much. Sources claim that Adam only loves two things in this world, the first being his family and the second, his work.

Adam is also known among the celebrity community for his tenacious quotes which are perceived by some to be of a rebellious nature. Some of Adam’s most popular quotes are “I reject your reality and substitute my own” and “Failure is always an option”.

Adam is also the highest paid special effects designer in Hollywood. However, his net worth remains undisclosed.


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