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Born on 16th of February 1996, Martin Alexender Aiono commonly known as Alex Aiono is a Mexican-American musician, YouTuber and actor who was born in Utah and brought up in Arizona, U.S.A. Alex is one of the most famous Youtuber and actor of The Royal Crush.

This multi-instrumentalist, singer -composer and a recognised actor from Awesomeness TV  have worked alongside some famous Emmy-winning legends like Billy Mann, Babyface, and John Legend .

In Alex is a Mexican living in Arizona from an Immigrant community and had a regular childhood growing up, as he belongs to a working class family. Alex formally turned into a musical career after his family shifted to LA, from Pheonix in 2012 when he was 16 years old.

Alex grew in a musical environment singing in churches and jamming in the home along with his dad and sisters which helped him to grow up as a multi-talented singer and composer.

He  grew up as the third child to the family and has two elder sisters named Sidney and Taylor and a younger sister named Hallie. The Singer of the album "Doesn't Get Better" used to sing cover videos along with her sisters, Aiono ditched his high school in 2009 and later completed his high school education on-line and the singer of "Alphabet Soup" used to sing cover songs fro his sister before he started his own channel.

The multi-talented singer and actor is known for playing multiple instruments like Guitar, Piano, Drums, and bass. He is seen using these instruments in most of his cover up songs on youtube. Alex creates his own music and mixes. Before popularity, Alex even tried out as a street artist and played in streets of Santa Monica. 

In 2013, he toured with Famous band The Back Street Boys which gave him a lot of needed exposure and a platform to establish himself as a famous youtube singer. Later in 2014, he was featured live on Sirius XM radio and his song "alphabet Soup" has more than 45 million views which established him as a mainstream singer.

Aiono's ever growing fame won him the role in Awesomeness TV's famous show called The Royal Crush in 2014. Aiono is re-appearing in the Royal Crush as Sebastian for the third season now along with his former girlfriend Meg DeAngelis and other  co-actors including Carrie Red, Josh Sobo and Mikey Morphy.



The black haired and brown eyed lad who is 5 foot 9 inches tall, in once dated another famous Youtuber and his fellow worker for awesomeness tv Meg DeAngelis in 2015. The On screen co-actors dated only for three months. The relationship could not last long due to their plans and differences in their way of living. Though the couple got out of the relationship they still remain good friends to each other.

Alex keeps his viewers and followers occupied by releasing his musical tracks as well as giving the glimpse of his personal life via his youtube channel and his Instagram profile, So if you want to know him on the personal level you will not be disappointed because he keeps his personal life open to his fans via social media.

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