Ari Melber getting married to his long-term girlfriend next year!!

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Ladies, have you been putting off your wedding in the hope that you might have a shot with television personality Ari Melber? Then the time has come that you accept the ring your boyfriend is giving you!! Reports are coming out that MSNBC presenter Melber is marrying his long time girlfriend!! Yes! You heard that right, Ari Melber is getting married!!

Only 35 years of age and already a successful TV personality, Melber has already achieved what many people can only dream of. Melber has earned tremendous success in his work life. Now, he’s hitting the home run and marrying his long time lover.

Ari Melber’s future wife is the editor of pop culture website for  The couple first met in 2010 at a social event.  The people who were present in the event have come out saying it was ‘love at first sight’ for them. The common interest that the couple share is credited for their strong relationship. As the years have passed by, their love seems to have gotten only stronger.

Ari Melber is a Cornel Law School graduate and specializes on legal matter, while his wife’s work is all about gossips, celebrities and rumors. The couple could not come from much more different backgrounds. Opposite Attracts!! It seems to be exactly what has happened between the couple.  Both of them come from a world which is quite opposite compared to one another. But judging from their Instagram pics, the couple is very happy with each other.

He has a legal degree from one of the nation’s top law school. Many people would think that Melber is all about brain power. But the American is much more than that.  He is 5 ft 11 inches tall. He has a face which many would consider ‘made for television’. He is considered friendly – a funny guy who is fun to hang out with according to people close to him.

Ari Melber keeps his personal life to himself. Before the news of him dating Drew Grant came out, the rumors that Melber was keeping his life a secret because he was gay were flying around. But all of those rumors seem to be over now as he is very happy with his wife-to-be.

Melber is by no means an avid social media user. However, he has a Twitter handle through which he carries out his communication with his well wishers.  The Chief Legal Correspondent for MSNBC is not so active in Facebook though. But, he has a Facebook fan page you can check out.

Ari Melber is one of the most influential people in cable TV.  Even though the salary he takes home from MSNBC is not made public, it is believed that his net worth is in excess of $10 million dollars. 


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