Baseball star Alex Wood, age 24, leads his team to 2-0 win after a "masterpiece" pitching against Colorado Rockies

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Baseball star Alex Wood plays for the prestigious team Los Angeles Dodgers and is currently the fastest pitcher in the game with his ball speed going up to 155km/h. And he has recently been on the news as he threw, what many are calling, a masterpiece in pitching against the Colorado Rockies, which enabled his team to win the game 2-0.

Alex, in the entire eight inning game, allowed just one hit. Even in that single hit, the runner barely made it to first base. The Dodgers just needed a home run and a single to enable the win over Colorado, which was a very easy task for the Dodgers batter. It was the Dodgers first home game in front of over 50K fans. The fans were said to be saying that Wood is going to take them very far this season and what an astounding game it was. One fan was quoted saying “games like these are once in a life-time game”

Woods, in the entire game, allowed just one single hit in the second innings. He struck out a record five players in a row and looked unstoppable. He even managed to not walk a batter for 78 pitches, which was 2 short of the MLB record of 80. He also made a new record that day by getting 24 outs, the most by any player in the last ten season’s of the MLB. Thirteen out of his 24 outs were via ground ball.

The game also concluded in a record time of 2hours and eight minutes – the shortest game to have been played in the west coast after the formation of the MLB. Ironically, just one night ago, the Dodgers had played their third longest game in the club’s history. The game was of 16 innings, which lasted 5 hours and 23 minutes.

Wood’s performance got him on the cover of the L.A daily paper and he was titled Phenomenal. Wood, when asked about the game, said he wasn’t even sure if he was going to get to pitch that day following his bad form in the earlier games.

Alex started playing baseball at an early age of 8 and was keen on pitching ever since. Wood played baseball throughout his high school and was granted a sports scholarship to University of Georgia where he excelled as a pitcher for the University team. Before joining the Dodgers, Woods was playing for Atlanta Braves and was starting to garner wide spread attention for his tremendous pitching power. This led to the Dodgers grabbing him first chance they got.

Alex Wood has kept his personal life out of the media and there isn’t much that we know about him other than his professional side. Alex is just 24 years of age and has a long career left with Dodgers. His salary, according to the Los Angeles Dodgers, is $190,328. Wood’s agent has said he is severely under paid and Dodgers have taken that into consideration after his enigmatic performance season long and have said that he will be receiving a raise, which will suit him.  

Alex is not very active on Twitter but still has over 52K followers and can be followed under the username @Awood45.


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