Basketball Player Chris Webber expecting his first baby with wife Erika Dates!!!

Chris Webber, the former Golden State Warrior basketball player, is finally going to be a father!! He and his wife Erika Dates, who have been married since 2009, were looking to start a family all these years. Now finally, they will be welcoming a new member to their family.

However, neither Chris nor Erika have made an announcement formally regarding the news on social media or through a public statement. Sources close to the family have been providing the information on the expected baby. Erika was recently noticed taking a leave of absence from work and now, sources claim that it is most likely a maternity leave. Recently, companies have started to give as much as five months of parental leave.

Chris’s in laws have also joined the Webber family in their home in Detroit, Michigan. Sources have stated that the pair intend to make the arrival of their child a family affair and do not want any media involvement.

Chris, prior to marrying Erika, was dating her for almost two years. Chris has always said Erika was the ideal wife he always dreamed of having, even while she was his girlfriend. Even after they were married, Chris has said that he always finds the same support Erika gave him when they were together as a young couple.

Chris as a professional athlete and has had one of the most illustrious career in NBA history. Chris is a five time NBA all star player and also a five time ALL NBA team player. He also was a former Rookie of the year and #1 NBA draftee, which is an honor in itself.

Chris also holds very impressive career stats and is one of the best in the NBA history. His overall totaled points throughout his career are 17,182 averaging 20.7 per game, which is outstanding for any professional basketball. His rebound totaled 8,124, which averaged to 9.8 per game, which is phenomenal for a center forward. Lastly, not known much for his assist, he totaled 3,526 assist averaging 4.2 per game.

Over his illustrious career, he was the recipient of various awards, most notable of them being “All NBA first Team (2001) and NBA all star in the years 1997, and from 2000 to 2003.

Apart from being one of the most popular basketball player of his era, he was also known for his direct involvement in the ED Martin Scandal, which rocked USA completely .Chris, along with other University of Michigan players, were found to be payment boosters for players through illegal gambling operations, which covered the whole country.

Chris, after his retirement from professional basketball, has been involved with several studios as an actor. He has also released two hip hop songs, which unfortunately flopped. Currently, he is working on a movie, which is set to premier early next year.

Chris’s net worth has been analyzed to be somewhere around $350 to $450 million dollars.

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