Bumper Robinson having an affair despite being married?

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Apparently, there are rumors that American actor and voice artist Bumper Robinson is having an extra marital affair. Is it really true after being married over seven years?

The 41 years old actor Robinson has been alleged in having a love affair despite being married to his wife, Katherine Penton.  Robinson also has a 5 year old child with his wife. The couple has named their daughter, Samantha Nichelle Robinson.

Few years back, the actor was rumored to be gay. But that rumor was just that. In 2009, he got married to Katherine Penton and recently he is suspected to be dating a girlfriend outside his marriage.

Strong buzz claims that the actor is having an alleged affair with a 22 years old model from Mexico. It is rumored that his wife Katherine discovered Bumper had been sending hundreds of text messages to the model from Mexico. Their marital relationship does not seem to be going well.

Recently, in the school event of their daughter Samantha, Bumper was not spotted there. This might indicate that the actor is cheating on her wife and not giving time for his family.

Actor Robinson made his professional debut as an actor at the age of four. He was featured in one of Bill Cosby’s popular Jell-O Pudding Pops commercials. Later, he made numerous appearances in movies and TV shows.

Robinson was the first African-American child actor to star in a Disney movie, Deacon Street Deer. He has also made appearances on The Jeffersons, Gimme A Break, Hill Street Blues, Matt Houston, Cagney & Lacey, Webster, Punky Brewster, the Facts of Life and Family Matters.

Some of his notable works include his roles in Generation X, O.J. Simpson story, Enemy Mine, Days of Our Lives, Night Court, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, The Client, Touched by an Angel, The Steve Harvey show, and Death Valley.

Robinson also appeared in several TV shows including The Jacksons: An American Dream for which he received critical acclaim. He was also cast on series like A Different World, Guys Like Us, Three, Living Single, Grown Ups, The Old Settler and Flatland.

Robinson has also provided his voice in many animated movies and television shows as Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School, Pinky and the Brain, Futurama, Brother Bear, The Flintstone Kids and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

He has been nominated and awarded for his brilliant work as an actor. In 1986, he won his first award for Young Artist Award for Best Young Actor in a Television series.

Robinson was given his nickname, Bumper because as a young child, he used to repeatedly bump into things while running through his home. His real name is Larry Clarence Robinson II.

The net worth of American actor Bumper Robinson with great height has not been estimated yet.

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