Dylan Sprayberry and Joey King in Tyler Shields new series.

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Teen actors Dylan Sprayberry and Joey King are said to be in Tyler Shield’s new series.

The 17 years-old actor and the 16-years old actress has hit an adoring pose with each other that is for Shield’s upcoming new series with Lecia.

Shields posted a picture on his Instagram captioned-

“The incredible @joeykingactress and the amazing @dylansprayberry for a new series I am currently working on. Very excited to announce that I am teaming up with Leica and I will be shooting an entire series on a few of there new cameras including one of my new favorites the MP-240 and I will be having a big solo show with Leica at their gallery in Los Angles in December check out @leica_camera @leicastorela @leicacamerausa


Tyler’s series would be exhibited at a solo show at Lecia’s Los Angeles gallery in November and December.

As both the actors in the series are teens, the series might be a teenage show.

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