Football player Frostee Rucker, age 32, and wife Danielle having a baby?

American Football player Frostee Rucker, who stands tall at the height of 1.91 meters, is allegedly expecting a baby with his wife Danielle. The couple got married recently and Danielle is already putting up weight. Sources say it may due to her pregnancy.

Danielle and Frostee are both religious persons and believe that it is god’s will that they are blessed with a child so fast into their marriage. Sources say that she is very excited about the baby and has already been shopping for clothes and carriers for the baby.

Frostee, who married his girlfriend after dating for over 4 years, has reportedly said that this is just “one good thing after another”. He allegedly added that first the marriage and now the baby are “blessing he did not pray for”.  He believes these were given simply because of his faith in God.

He and his wife have never been happier before and are excited to become parents. At the age of 32, the defensive player was getting worried about being a father. But we are sure his worries have long been taken care of.

Frostee started dating Danielle when he was playing for the Bengals. He has been with her since then. She has been very supportive of the big man’s career in the NFL,  moving with him to Arizona when he signed for the Arizona Cardinals.

He started his college career playing for Colorado State as a freshman. He later transferred to University of Southern California (USC). He had been highly rated by his coach as one of the best defensive end players to play of USC. He set records while playing tournaments and championships.

He was drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft and picked by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 91st pick in the first round. As a rookie, he spent most of his time in the sidelines, away from pitch, due to an injury. In the later years, he got his first start against Miami Dolphins and finished the game with 5 tackles.

In his third year with the Bengals, he started in 4 games and played in 11 with a career high appearance and finished the season with 24 tackles. He was again sidelined for about 6 months due to back injury. Along with thi,s his time had ended at the Cincinnati Bengals and he moved to the Cleveland Browns.

After a short spell at the Browns, he signed for the Arizona Cardinals with a contract of $2 million dollars with a million guaranteed and a signing bonus of $50,000 dollars and an average salary of $1 million per year.

 The linebacker is valued at a net worth of slightly over a million dollars.

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