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“Fubu is about Pride and Respect in what you wear and who you are” Fubu(For Us By Us) is a factual American brand of urban Hip-Hop society,this brand consist of casual wear, hip-hop wear, sportswear, a suit gathering, eyewear, shoes and belts. Fubu is very iconic name in the clothing industries and it is a well-renounced brand. It was founded by Daymond John in 1992 with other three co-founders. Its main focus is on introducing new generation in clothing brand for the targeted groups.Charm of its excellent collection has attracted lots of teenagers and adult to its product.

Supplementary Information:

It is a private company; Daymond John is the founder of this company. The pace of development of this company is unbelievable so Fubu was able to decide its net worth of $200 million which is incredible-shirts, football, jacket, jerseys, rugby shirts, baseball caps (Different types of hats and hip-hop caps), shoes and denim jeans are the main products of FUBU Clothing carries almost all garments including clothing and footwears of both men and women. Every single wears of FUBU brands blown up by the FUBU logo. As it is multinational company so numerous of its products are imported from all around the world.

Fubu with its competitors and competition
Though FUBU is a multinational and multiband company, it has got numbers of competitors and challengers in the market and people also seek for the best. Some the competitors of FUBU are given bellow:-
1.       NIKE 
2.       GAP
3.        J Crew
4.       Madewell
5.       Zara
6.       Primark
7.       American Eagle Outfitters
8.       Converse
FUBU has bounded itself in limited area and countries. Especially Afro-American people use these products within the USA . There are lots of companies like NIKE and GAP which has its venture in different nation with lots of strategies but FUBU does not have such techniques and policies like other brands. There are lots of weaknesses and opportunities for FUBU so it’s further and upcoming strategy and plan will determine how the authorized body of FUBU will take it up. It has also launched its products against brands as Guess, XOXO and Tommy Jeans and was able to attract the attention of many teenagers and youngsters with its reasonable price. Its products are also reasonable and affordable than that of others in the market. But there are lots of weakness and opportunity need to be exercised by FUBU for its betterment.




Reward and its expansions with right concept at accurate instant:

Fubu is also awarded and owner with different awards for its outstanding work and elegant design for men and women wears as its all wears products were able to grab the attention of many youths and teenagers especially in the USA .Later because of its popularity FUBU was able to expand its branches all around the world. Shark on ABC’s Emmy Award and vibe awards and expansion of FUBU with Samsung are few of the example which proves that Fubu has curved its way by own after long and decade of struggle.



Fubu has become an established and widely recognized brand in few years of struggle. It is the topmost brand and its every product and collection have been attracted the buyers. Due to its fame it got lots of orders and its items were disorganized and it further hampered in its distribution pattern which can be regarded as one of the fault of this brand. In 1990's by marketing only menswear this brand grossed over $5billion dollars which was unbelievable. Its success has touched sky and now this brand has increased its collection of products and quality of its product has also been maintained tremendously 


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