Gale Harold, acting as Gay in "Queer As Folk" is straight and dated girlfriend Danielle Saklofsky

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"Some of the most important people in my life lived through what a lot of you are going through right now. And they stayed true no matter how painful and they probably considered backing out many times, but I thank God that they didn't. For instance, someone like Tennessee Williams. If he hadn't done what he did, we wouldn't have that beautiful art to read and to watch on the stage. The truth will come out. It gets better."

This is the statement by the actor Gale Harold in the video “It Gets Better” which was sent to gay teens for remembering their heroes proving that along with having good acting skills, he does have a good heart too. The supporter of LGBT community played the role of gay (Brian Kinney) in the show Queer as Folk. Though he played the gay role in the series, he is a straight guy in real life and he dated his ex-girlfriend Danielle Saklofsky.

Even a year has four seasons- spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the same way, our life does have different phases too. As every day is not spring, life is not always meant to be happy. Gale and Danielle who were enjoying the warm love suddenly came with the decision of ending up the relationship. 

Gale Harold's affairs

Before dating Danielle, Gale has previously dated the beautiful lady Yara Martinez in 2011 who is a television actress. The couple was often seen flaunting their love but they eventually broke up and the reason is kept a secret.

Yara and Gale in Vacouver       Source: zimbio

However, for Gale and Danielle the story has been totally different altogether. The couple were once rumored to be in a relationship but never made their relation public.But it all got more hype after Gale Harold released a restraining order against Danielle. Things obviously got very heated up between the both of them.

Restraining order against Danielle Saklofsky

This is the story of 2014 when Gale was granted the restraining order against Danielle after he told a judge that she tried to hit him with a jar full of coins. The cheerful love story ended with a harsh break up and an order form the court to be very far from each other. Tragedies have different forms you know.

Even Gale included in the document that while he was trying to give break up to her she said- 'I will never let you leave me.'

Danielle seems to be an aggressive girl as she again tried to smack him in the restaurant yelling 'You cannot leave me, I will destroy you!'

And Danielle is no less, she included in her restraining order that he slapped her gripping by her ponytail. Also, the ex-couple were arguing about the size and weight of Danielle. In his court documents, Harold said Danielle is 5 feet 5 inches tall with 145 lbs weight. In addition, Danielle said his 'physical attributes are wrong' with 5 feet 7 inches height and 120 lbs weight. Probably for the first time in history, physical attributes were also a reason for the split. 



Who is Gale Harold?

Gale Harold has been building his career in Hollywood from last 15 years has a net worth of $ 1.5 million. He is known for his roles on the shows including Desperate Housewives, Deadwood, Falling for Grace, etc. The actor has yet more to come on his journey and we wish him a best of luck.

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