Is Gender Reassignment Possible? Find out, How the Sex Change Procedure from Male to Female goes

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Many people might have the feeling that transgender is a modern discovery, although, it is not the case that has been observed and recorded since antiquity.  

Gender reassignment surgery (also called as gender confirmation surgery, sex reassignment surgery, sex realignment surgery, genital reconstructions surgery, sex change) is a surgical procedure through which physical appearance are altered to resemble their identified gender. The person who chases gender reassignment surgery is generally known as  transsexual

How the idea of sex reassignment generated

Possibilities of Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) rapidly came to people’s concern after the World War II, while many of the soldiers have got injured, and doctors were needed to operate for their sex hormones and plastic surgery.

Male to Female Gender Ressignment process

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SRS is the final steps in gender reassignment process after, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), facial hair removal, Facial feminization surgery, Breast augmentation, Voice feminization, Tracheal Shave, Buttock augmentation.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

It is a process of gender reassignment through which secondary sexual characteristics of transgender people from masculine changes to feminine. The purpose of HRT is to develop the secondary characteristics of the desired gender like breast development, a pattern of hair, distribution of other body parts.The medication used in this process include estrogens, progestogens, and antiandrogens.

Facial hair removal

Most of the females like to remove hair from their body so the transgender as well. Mostly, hair removed before operating Surgery. Earlier, it has achieved by shaving, nowadays Clippers or Chemical depilatories are in used. Removal of body hair sometimes to attempts to erase lice or to decrease body odor.

Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)

In medical science, feminization refers to the growth in an organism of physical behavior which is generally unique to females. This surgery is a procedure to modify bone or cartilage structures, basically in brow, forehead, jaw, nose, and cheek areas.

Breast Augmentation

It is the term used for Plastic Surgery, to reshape, resize and contour of the breast. In this surgery, as a primary phase Augmentation mammoplasty is applied to result in a post mastectomy breast reconstruction that would remove breast cancers; to accurate congenital defects of breasts.

Breast reconstruction can be done through a different procedure, in multi-stage reconstruction-mammoplasty, a temporary breast-implant device is emplaced and prepare to improve shape and size of the breast. In Non-surgical mechanism, breast augmentation can consist either of an external use of vacuum-device which will enhance the tissues of the breast.

Voice feminization

It is a very popular term among transgender, however, this procedure conveys the risk of damaging a transgender's voice forever. For those people who don’t want to risk of their voice, voice feminization lessons are available, which is called as voice therapy which is a non-surgical technique to modify the desired voice.  

Tracheal Shave

It also known as Chondrolaryngoplasty is a surgical procedure through which the thyroid cartilage is minimized in size by taking down the cartilage within the throat area to improve to a more feminine aspect.

Buttock augmentation

naturally hip and buttock of a man is smaller than of woman, some transgender willing to undertake buttock augmentation.  The current trend in buttock augmentation or buttock repair contains the surgical emplacement of the gluteal implant, body contouring, and liposculpture which will cure the patient’s particular health problem related to the gluteal region.

Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS)

The final stage in gender reassignment SRS includes the reshaping the male genitals into a form of female genitalia. while attending this surgery the testicles are erased, and the skin of penis and foreskin is generally transposing as a flap preserving nerve system and blood to develop a fully organized vagina (an idea pioneered by Mr. Harold Gillies in 1951). The clitoris passed through nerve endings can be organized through glans of the penis.

If the patient has been removed most the foreskin, or if the surgeon’s idea requires more skin to formulate of the labia minora, the public hair follicles are erased from the scrotal tissue, Later it is incorporated within the vagina by the surgeon.

In the case of lack of skin or if the angioplasty has failed, the vaginal lining will be generated from Skin grafts from the hips or thighs. This procedure varies with the knowledge of doctor accordingly. Some of the basic ideas are mentioned below.

a. SRS with optional procedures, technique includes two different ideas; firstly, Penile Skin Inversion, where the skin of the penis inverted to create the vagina. This is very popular, due to its simple procedure, which will take around four hour to complete for an experienced surgeon.

The second technique is called SRS without a skin graft, which involved using scrotum and penile skin to fabricate external genitalia. Here, the vaginal depth is very insufficient until the skin graft is covered intro vagina because the penile skin is used to build the clitoral hood and inner-labia.

b.SRS with scrotal skin graft, in this technique the penis is covered by skin to construct the inner labia, parts of glans of a penis are used to build the scrotal skin graft and neo clitoris to cover the vaginal wall.

The advantage of the technique is that, it provides one stage surgery will aesthetic and fully functional. Transgender can enjoy the desired deep vagina without the additional procedure.

c.The Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty,  is useful for the people with a small penis. Which includes two mechanisms. An open technique, here the sigmoid colon is organized as a pedicle flap to entire neuro vascular bundle through the low transverse abdominal incision.

Normally the length of sigmoid colon segment is about 7 inches. The remaining colon is re-connected to make conventional passage of the large viscera. It will take around 7 hours to complete this operation.

The second mechanism in this process is called Laparoscopic technique, the sigmoid colon is gathered from the small incision through laparoscopic technique as the pedicle flap escorted to the neuro vascular bundle.

The sigmoid colon segment is taken near to the upper end and pulled through the anastomosis and neovaginal canal to the neovaginal entrance. The sigmoid colon is approximately 6 to 7 inches long. The duration of the operation is around 7 hours.

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