Hawaii Five-0 Star Grace Park Flaunts in Bikini, Bare Body and Sexy Feet. Husband Phil Kim is Damn Lucky

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Grace Park is hotter than the hinges of hell:

You all know Grace Park from Hawaii Five-0, other than her surfing clips in the series you will find her erotic picture all floating over the web. The seductive looks from Park is undoubtedly a killer weapon to stab the hearts of her fans from all over the world. Grace is  ruling the TV business from a decade with the help of her three weapons her acting skills, Confidence, and the mouth watering figure. 


Phil Kim, you won a lottery:

Her husband Phill Kim a real estate developer is handsome for sure but he is nowhere near the charm of this beautiful dive. She looks like a doll and possesses an extraordinary sense of humor which can be proved in her interviews on many late night talk shows in youtube. Beauty with a brain is a rare combination but this sexy mama knows it all.
If you live in Hawaii long enough you change with the environment, Whatever you say, those looks are neither American nor Canadian it's her heritage from Korean descendants. So, living in Vancouver and Hawaii may add up but her grace is god gifted.

Can you believe she is 41 years old:

Grace was born on 14 March 1974 in LA,State of California, USA and was raised in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada and this sexy lady has turned forty-two in March this year. She looks like she is half of her age.

She knows five different languages:

This beautiful and bold TV actress can speak five languages other than English. Being a Canadian citizen it is obvious that she knows English and French, She knows Korean language as it is used in her family, Other than Korea she can speak an understandable Cantonese too and in her College days in University of British Columbia she took Spanish as a minor which enables her to speak Spanish language too.

She is a Mother of a one-year-old:

Can you believe this? The Battle Galactica's Ship pilot And Hawaii Five-0's policewomen just showed how incredible and tempting body figure she possess and we thought that was yet, but guess what she at first turned out to be a graduate in psychology and a brainy women who knows six languages and now to make things more interesting she just became a mother a year old baby boy.

From One year to lifetime acting career:

When she first appeared in Romeo must die as a bar dancer she was totally unsure about her career in acting but no sooner she started in teen drama series Edgemont and it went on and on She was in The battle Galactica  for nine long years until its last season and her latest Hawaii Five-0 will return in this September with its seventh installment.


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