How Cops Are Using Robots for Security Purpose? Know Types of Robots Used

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Tech Gadgets and Law Prosecution be the two edgy friends and they always are. Being a social being, we want our cops and law enforcers to ensure all necessary tools to keep up the security site wide. We want them to be more careful and be responsible for the security of an individual or a society as a whole. Whether they use Infrared Heat sensor or GPS to detect or track somebody, tech advancement directly changes the thought about cops; that they could act effectively.

Robots and Robotics are the latest cops toys used for security purpose. The massive change in robotics and technology create the field of using such gadgets for security purpose. It’s not like the cops are not using CCTVs and internet database for the surveillance purpose, they are. But same old technique would not be efficient for new world hackers and critical suspects. It is where the use of Robots begins.

Use of Robots by Cops

How would cops use robots for law enforcements? Bomb disposal, surveillance, the work differs according to the situation. The most common use of police robot would be bomb removal and disposal. Well, human life costs more than the cost of a robot; few robots with better physical can survive manifold bomb blasts. How the robot efficient if the bomb is set to blasts? The explosion is never the goal at all!

Bomb Disposal Robot

Robot in Bomb Diffusion

The robots built with camera and sensor can be used by cops in bomb diffusion. Such robot can see and sense the bomb. When a robot gets near to the apprehensive device, the operator or user get alarmed. He then will be able to lift, move and clear the area for detonation.

Robots in Surveillance

Robots built with night vision and microphones can be used for investigation purpose. This type is able to communicate with the operator along with providing information and visuals. The robots are used to access situations with high inhumane risk.

Surveillance Robots could also act as negotiate robot, in the case of hostage – suspect situation. The camera within the system continuously gathers the information about suspects and records chitchat with suspects. The cops also might use robots to deliver items to such area without the risk of life.

Detective Robots

Some robots are built with sensors to sense through infrared, heat, chemicals, and risks. Such robots can sense narcotics, marijuana, radioactive weapons, and weapons made from chemicals and bombs.

The robots first detect the presence of risk, and the area being affected by. The operator can send robots through lethal situations in search of victims and survivors.

Cop Robot

Cop Robots in the News

Michael Johnson, 25 years old Army veteran was killed by cops using a robot in Dallas. The robot was used to deliver a bomb to the suspect. He shot 14 officers of which five were killed and civilians too got hurt. The robot was used to put away the officers at risk.

A remote controlled Andros F6A robot is used by cops of Fairfax County Police Department, similar to the model used in killing Michael. This robot is used to move pipe bomb to a safe area in the course of a training exercise.

Drawbacks of Use of Robotics

The companies build robots for security purpose, but what about its drawbacks? What if the robot gets malfunctioned and injures someone else? Robots are the programmed system, what could it do when the program code is altered? Also, robots are not the cheap device to be bought by anyone, how could the government able to eliminate the fact?

Companies that produce Robots for Cops

Currently, companies like Remotec and RoboticFX are the duo developing security robots for cops, military and security agencies. The robots invented are able to handle hazard situations, as are armed with new accessories and technology.

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