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Model; Abigail Ratchford , posing with her Bikini on, and the photo appears as if it was captured on a bridge in Santa Monica. In this scorching hot weather, Abigail proves all of them that she is the best in this Midnight Spring Bikini Photo Shoot.

In the picture, Abigail is standing aside ‘Mini Cooper’ holding a hose and it pretty much looks like it’s a ‘Car Wash Shoot’. She wore a Bikini with the American flag printed on it.

-Don’t you think it’s the example of perfection? Well, I think so.


Red is the hottest colour there is, and it has been proven by science as well. You can google it if you want. So, when a hot lady comforts herself in a ‘Red Bikini’, it over runs everything. And by everything, I mean everything there is in this world. I mean just look at her and the way she expresses in front of the camera. It is just perfect.


The picture seems as if it’s a midnight shoot at a beach. She wore a Bikini that matches up with her flawless skin tone. I wonder how does her cameraman manage with all these scorching hot visuals on the way. It must be a really tough job, huh.

When it comes to Bikini shoot, there aren’t any models who could out run Abigail Ratchford. The way she wore the yellow Bikini with her belly button pierce on focus, it is one of the hottest things I have ever witnessed.  And the way she looks at the camera, it makes me seriously fall in love with her.


Happy #NationalWatermelonDay loves

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Caption this contest  Picking my favs  BTS today with @lkbphotography @leahdarcymakeup @jucieg @princeangel198

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Modern day siren  @benjoarwas 

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