Is Cindy Sampson married? Is she dating anyone currently?

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Canadian actress Cindy Marie Sampson who is best known for her role as Lisa Braedon in the hit horror series “Supernatural”, has finally married her long term boyfriend Ryan Wicke as of 2016. The couple who had been dating for a long time and been very successful at keeping their affair private, got engaged in January this year.

Reviewing Cindy’s social media profile, the duo seem to keep their relationship as fun and feisty as it can be, as of March 31st Cindy comically tweeted:

“The husband just called George Clooney “that guy from ER”. We’re breaking up.”

Cindy started her acting career with a major role of Zoe Ravena in Live Once, Die Twice followed by movies like The Shrine and crime thriller The Factory. Sampson has garnered more success and recognition for her roles in TV shows. She has starred in numerous TV shows like Reaper, Supernatural, Sketch Troop, A Guy & A Girl, Proof of Lies and many more. She also portrayed Sandra MacLaren in Rumors as well as the “Strong Brushing Arm” woman for Listerine Mouthwash Commercial. Although her character as Lisa Braedon is hated by many fans, she is very popular as Lisa in the series Supernatural. She has appeared in 11 episodes of the series so far.

In an interview with Innsmouth Free Press, she chatted a bit about her character expressing surprise in her character being liked,

“Oh, that’s so nice to hear, considering I’m assuming I’m going to be the most hated character very soon! You know, it’s funny because I try not to read any of those things – as much as there’s good and bad, always. But my boyfriend does try to peruse about me – more than I do. It doesn’t affect me, though. I remember the hard times that the other female characters had on Supernatural and some of them had it pretty harsh. You know, you’ve just gotta take it all with a grain of salt.”

She has also starred in movies; Durham County, My Claudia, Swamp Devil, The Last Kiss, Lift Off & Mama Africa.

In the same interview, she revealed a tiny detail about her love life all the while keeping her boyfriend’s identity a secret;

I’m in Montreal right now. That’s where I live. I love my Montreal. I moved here a long time ago for a boy and I fell in love with the city.”

Cindy and Ryan may not make it to mainstream news but they’re making everybody’s heart melt in the social media with their cutesy romantic relationship. Apart from a body with faultless measurements, the actress seems to have been lucky with a faultless love life too! It is also very evident from their social media account that they’re both adventurous and they often share their holiday pictures from time to time.

Since the Canadian beauty likes to stay away from the showbiz news, her net worth has not been disclosed till date.

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