Is Grace Helbig dating Chester See? What is going on?

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Is Grace Helbig dating Chester Lee? What kind of a question is that? Don’t you know already? Like whaaat? To be honest with you guys, how many of you remember this video? Hands in the air, if you remember how she dragged us to the end of a video just to make the big reveal in mute! Oh yeah! Face palm.

But we’re smart enough to read her lips and this is what she said.

“I do have a boyfriend.”

Ha! Gotchya princess!



She may not have proudly declared Chester See in some 'boyfriend tag' –ish video but they’re definitely a thing! Definitely, definitely a thing! None of the have confessed anything about each other so far but remember that one time when Grace revealed that her boyfriend is a YouTuber and a musician. Can you read through the lines now? Can you think of anyone who is a YouTuber and a musician and who appears in cutesy selfies with Grace? Get it?

Get it?


???? ?? ????

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Now Grace often collaborates with a lot of YouTubers like Tyler Oakley, Caspar Lee, Hannah Hart to, of course, Chester See. Now talking about this particular Chester See, he makes quite an appearance in Grace’s YouTube channel in the videos that are official collaboration. But hey, what about those where Chester is not even mentioned and he just casually swoops into the video. Remember that Slopsicle video?  How he just came over to Grace’s place one morning to have breakfast? Yeah! Friends do that all the time but I don’t buy it! Grester’s definitely a thing! And wouldn’t they make an absolutely adorable couple?



Now had it only been my assumption that Chester and Grace are a thing then I’d be very skeptical about it! I kid you not! But it’s not just me, it’s the entire internet that has this little Grester theory they nurture, there’s even a Tumblr fan page dedicated entirely to Grester, Grace and Chester. People even believe they should be together for the sheer reason that they’re both hot af!



HELL YEAH! Grester’s a thing, get over it already!

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