Is Miya Ali Muhammad Ali's another secret daughter??

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Death is uncertain it may come to anybody anytime. The only difference is some people are never noticed even when they are alive while some people like Muhammad Ali stays alive even when they are dead.

Yes, the internet is full of news of this American Professional boxer Muhammad Ali who died on Friday. As you can see the boxer is quite a bit of a chic-magnet. He has four wives and nine children from them. Oh, my god!

So people are now talking about her daughter Miya Ali. Being his secret child.

Miya Ali Muhammad Ali's another secret daughter

He is the father of 9 children Laila Ali, Rasheda Ali, Hana Ali, Asaad Ali, Maryam Ali, Jamillah Ali, Khaliah Ali, Muhammad Ali Jr, Miya Ali. Miya Ali is the youngest one of Muhammad Ali. She is one of nine children of Muhammad Ali’s, two boys and 7 girls.

Is Miya Ali Muhammad Ali's another secret daughter

She shared on YouTube that she had no idea who was her father what he does. She only realised that her father was famous is when she attained the Olympic. She expressed so deeply that in the ceremony everyone was crying adult to children.

She shared her feelings about her father 

She said that it was pretty cool after knowing her own father . She even mentioned that Muhammad Ali was the Ambassador of UN peace corps. She shared that he used to love children. He has lived with homeless people so it is plausible that he is generous.

Ali is widely regarded as one of most significant and celebrated sports figures of the 20th century. He was one of the greatest heavyweight champions. According to sources. He died of Parkinson’s disease.

Facts about Muhammad Ali 


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