Jeremy Roenick and wife Tracy Roenick live a happy married life. Jeremy says he loves his family.

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Former NHL player, Jeremy Roenick and his wife, Tracy Roenick are both very content and happy with their married life. He has even gone further to say how much he loves his family and how they are the most important part of his life.

Jeremy has somewhat of a fairytale story in regard to his love life. Jeremy and his wife first met as high school students and were in love wanting to spend the rest of their lives together before they went to college. After college they were engaged and soon had children.

Jeremy has often mentioned what an influence his wife has played in his life. He also has time and again credited her for seeing to it that their children were raised proper and looked after with total attention.

Jeremy says he loves his family for the understanding and collective responsibility every member possess. The love he receives from his wife and his daughter, Brandi and son Brett for him is the best feeling in the world.

Jeremy as a professional is a much decorated sports personality. He played a total of eighteen seasons in the NHL with five of the top teams in the League. He has also represented his country at various tournaments and is an Olympic silver medalist.

Jeremy is also the third American born player to score more than five hundred goals in the NHL. He was also one of the most loved players simply because he was known to be close to the fans. He was known to sign autographs and had a good understanding with them without any animosity.

He has said the reason he was so good to his fans and still is because he too at one time was a fan and knows exactly how it feels when one as a supporter is not given his due attention.

After retirement Jeremy began working as a sports analyst for various studios. The most popular of them all being NBC. He has also conducted much post –game shows of the 2010 winter Olympics. He has even tried his hand on acting through his various cameo appearances on some TV series

Jeremy has also authored a few books after his retirement from professional hockey. Some of which have received notable attention are “Shoot First, Pass Later” and “Take Your Eye off the Puck: How to Watch Hockey by Knowing Where to Look”.

Jeremy also happens to be a very popular figure on social media and has almost 350 K followers on various different platforms. His net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $37 million. He has made most of his earnings through professional ice hockey.

His salary was estimated to be somewhere approximately about $53 million.

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