John Cusack wife,personal life, and rumors-Is he single now?

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John Cusack, the known actor of Con Air (49), has a charming appearance with bold looks. No wonder he acted at the age of eight as his family was from film industry. He is a producer as well as screen writer.

He completed his graduation from Evanston Township High School in 1984. He dropped out from the New York University.

He also has worked in theatre, one of his best act in theatre was with Evanston’s Pivan Theatre Workshop. He was one of the busiest commercial voice-over artist. He appeared in teen film during mid-1980’s.The actor with his brown eye, white complexion shows a lot of confidence in his acting skill, he also has done acting in some funny movies where his characters is revealed as a comedian.

Now he has a net worth of $40 million. He owns house at Malibu, Chicago, New York. He has a Can-Am Spyde- roadster which is orange in color.

John Cusack is also known as Johnny. This charming fellow has been in couple of relation, but these didn’t last that long. At present he is not seen with anyone. He seems to be occupied by himself.

His previous relationship was with Janice Dickinson, Alison Eastwood and Jennifer Love Hewitt. He has never spoken of his love life but has been linked to Minnie Driver, Lily Taylor, Neve Campbell and Jodi Lyn O’ Keefe.

Minnie Driver is an actress and singer-song writer. She was rumored dating him but no exact evidence is there. Also, Lili and Neve both the actress were rumored dating Johnny.

Johnny keeps his personal life very secret. John has the longest relationship with Jodie Lyn O’Keefe. This relationship lasted for about 6 years. For both of them this is the longest relation so far. His zodiac sign is Cancer and Cancerians are always challenging to get to know them closely. The relationship with these ladies shows he has some talent to charm beautiful ladies and be in love with him even if it is for a short period of time.

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Regarding any relationship he says,” A lot of women who meet me, aren’t meeting me. They’re meeting their ambition or they’re meeting their relationship to a celebrity.” Awe John hope that you soon find your lady luck and be with her for a long period of time.

As for now marriage of John is a big question mark as he is not seen with anyone. John enjoys baseball.

He is an avid fan of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. Cusack is close friends with fellow Chicago native and Entourage star Jeremy Piven.

The convincing performance in Being John Malkovich (1999) as John Malkovich won him a Best Actor nomination at Independent Spirit Awards. In that movie he was unrecognizable with long hair, beard and bespectacled. This success lead him to grab some more movies. He was named as “Stoner of the year” by high time magazine in 2010.

He enjoys spending time with his family seen from the social media. Recently he has been doing retweeting in the twitter. As he is an activist he is seen conscious about environment and every now and then he is aware what is going in the world.

John has an incredibly diverse and long lasting career. Still he states that, ‘I haven’t reached my Goal yet.’ He has appeared over 50 films. The enthusiasm he shows will surely help him achieving his goal.

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