Krista Allen dating Castle's Nathan Fillion? Do they plan on getting married?

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Krista Allen and Nathan Fillion who is the star of Castle have been dating for a while now and rumors have begun circling to a possible marriage in the near foreseeable future. It has been suggested that Krista Allen has already introduced her children to Nathan and they seem to be getting along very well.

Reports have suggested that despite Krista considering herself being unlucky in love she now believes she has met her match and there could be a third marriage for her. The couple has been very outspoken about their romance and some hint that Nathan is looking forward to marry Krista more than the other way around.

This is the first relationship of Nathan which has been out in the open. Prior to this, his other associations have always remained shy and away from the public eye. In the begging of their affair they kept their dealings a secret but later they opened up to everyone about their new found love.

Krista, however has been married twice and has one child. On the other hand Nathan has not yet married but is well known for his illustrious dating life over the years. Krista’s previous husband was Mams Taylor,   whom she was married for only two years.

Her first husband, Justin Moritt and she were married for approximately three years. With whom, she has a son Jakob Nolan Moritt. Krista loves her son very much and she has time and again said he is her number one priority and it is important for her that her son gets along with her partner. Without which she wouldn’t be confident enough to enter into a solid commitment.

It has been rumored the reason she got a divorce from Mams was because of her son. Krista, back in her time was considered as one of the top ten hot women in the world. She has featured in a number of popular fashion magazines because of her beauty.

Her dating life has also been always closely monitored by the public mainly because of the people she was involved with. Her most famous affair was with actor George Clooney.

As a professional, she has featured in fifty different productions. She has had a very illustrious career both in movies and TV shows. She is currently working on an upcoming series titled “Significant Mother”. She is well known for her shows like “Baywatch”.

Her most noteworthy performance in movies have come through “ Confessions of a Dangerous Mind”, “ Anger Management” , “The Final Destination” , “Black Widow” and “Little Women, Big Cars”.

Her net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $4 million. She is also very popular on social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram.

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