Liz Shanahan And Husband Chef Michael Symon Have Good Family Relationship Beside Restaurant Business

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The owner of four different restaurants, Cleveland-born Super-chef Michael Symon has magic in his hands. He shares his cooking skills and experiences through his TV shows for Food Network, The Chew and also is an exceptional author. Not only is he a great cook, he is a lovely companion to his family.

More about Chef Michael Symon’s personal life

46-year-old Symon has been married to Liz Shanahan since quite a long time. When the couple met, Liz was already a mother of a two-year-old son Kyle. Michael is a generous and a kind-hearted man. He never bothered to be considered as a step-father to Kyle and provided him with all the love and support a child requires. Kyle, who professionally works as a musician, is a mature adult. According to Answers, Symon openly and repeatedly mentions his son in his TV shows. “When Kyle was young, we (Michael and his wife Liz) used to make sure that we would have our dinner along with Kyle” Michael mentioned in his interview. Michael also supported and assisted Kyle in establishing his own Donut shop. He indeed is a role model. 

James Beard Foundation Award winning chef Michael’s wife Liz put all efforts together to start up with a restaurant named Lola in 1997. Lola is the name of Michael’s aunt – from whom he has always been greatly motivated.  In 2005, they changed the restaurant to Lolita and established another to name it to Lola, again! The duo works hand in hand to share the burden and also it can definitely be guessed that his wife acts as a support system to Michael since he has way too many activities under his watch. It can also clearly be seen that there are no such signs of them either splitting or getting divorced anytime soon. Long live the talented pair!

Michael was awarded with the prestigious title of Cleveland's hottest chef by Sunday Magazine in 1995. The most recent award he won was in 2015 - Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Informative Talk Show Host for his show The Chew

Just as everyone has a soft corner, Symon supports children who are autistic in nature. His own nephew and his friend's children suffer from autism. To show his gratitude and support, Michael donated the cash prize he recieved from the show, "Chopped: All Stars" to a charity that outspeaks and provides awareness for Autism. 

Michael Symon’s Love for Dogs and other interests

Michael is an absolute dog person and owns two dogs, a breed of dog named bullmastiff – Ruby and an Old English dog – Ozzy. Quite interesting names! His Instagram, with more than 220k followers, is filled with pictures of his dogs. 


makes my worst day still pretty damn good

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dog life #bullybreeds #dogwhisperer #happyboy #sleepypuppy

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As per Food Network, the multi-talented chef loves to sit around and hang out with his family and his dogs (His dogs are a part of his family too!). Additionally, he has interest in playing golf. Since he has quite interesting tattoos inked on him, he also takes the time to think about what his next tattoo is going to be! Symon always dreamed of being a wrestler. He even used to wrestle during his high school days. But unfortunately, he broke his arms before he wanted to work as a professional and then, he started with a job at a restaurant. Imagine Michael as a wrestler! People would not get the opportunity to taste his deliciousness had he been into wrestling. 

Quick QnA with Michael Symon 

Michael Symon has played quick questions and answers (QnA) session on his website itself. 

Favorite Tattoo : Cartoon Devil

FYI : He has a huge tattoo on his chest which says "Got Pork".

Chocolate or Vanilla : Vanilla

Favorite Sport : Football

Favorite Recipe : Mom's Lasagna (That's so sweet!)

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