Marcia Harvey's Marriage and divorce to Steve Harvey (1980-1994). Now Married Larry Greene

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Relationship, the word looks and sounds simple; but in order to make it your last one, it is one of the hardest things to do, right? Being in love is great but it also sucks at the same time. Lol. So, here we have Marcia Harvey who is divorced with Steve Harvey in 1994, an American comedian and a TV show host. Currently, she is married to Larry Greene. 

Marcia Harvey is known for being the ex-wife of Steve Harvey, the greatest TV host of all time, and also an American actor. Reporters believe that they had been dating for quite a long time before they decided to get married in 1980. Together, they had twin daughters; Karli Harvey and Brandi Harvey, who were born in 1982. After years, they had a son named Broderick Steven, Jr (Born in 1991). Well, there aren’t many reports on why she decided to leave him. But; Harvey’s second wife, Mary Shackelford confirms that he was a serial cheater. Can you just imagine that the comedian could do such a thing to his wives?

Marcia’s personal life is so private that we know almost nothing about her. However, after a long research, we have come to know that she has written a book, entitled ‘Marcia: Eyes To The Soul’ which costs $15.99. I haven’t read the book yet; but looking at the contents of the book, it looks like the book is about Steve Harvey and Marcia’s relationship. Some of the contents of her book include, ‘When I First Met You, ‘My First Night With You’, ‘Mass Confusion’, ‘When Things Are Not Right, ‘You’re Breaking My Heart’, and Et-Cetera. SEE, I told you.. Maybe it is about Marcia’s and Steve’s married life.

Speaking of their daughters, Karli Harvey, she has been seen with her father at his Talk Show many times, and it seems like Karli is really fond of her father. Due to her father’s reputation, Karli Harvey is followed by more than 90,000 people on Instagram. And; Brandi Harvey, she has been seen speaking at the Annual Disney Dreamers academy in Orlando, Florida. And do you know that both of their daughters are Entrepreneurs? Yes, it is true.. They are the founders of Young Fit and High. Their son; Broderick Steven Jr, there are no full reports on him, but his social media site looks like he has been playing Basketball recently.

Marcia Harvey is one of the celebrities who deny stating her and Steve’s overall matter on media or any other social sites. But we have also found out that Marcia is married to Larry Greene now. Except for who she got married with, there is no personal information about her after 1990. But hey, we do have one thing, Marcia Harvey and Larry Greene was last reported to be living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

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