Megan Wallace Cunningham- wife of Craig Ferguson

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Megan Wallace Cunningham is an art dealer who is married to popular TV show host Craig Ferguson. Megan is a native of Vermont.  The 41 year old  is a direct descendent of John and Abigail Adams. John Adams was the second president of the USA.

Meghan’s husband Ferguson is the former host of 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson’ that aired on CBS from 2005 to 2014Her husband is also writer, actor, stand-up comedian, author, director, producer and the voice artist. 

After having an affair of 3 years, Ferguson swept Megan of her feet and the couple got married in a private ceremony on December 21, 2008. The wedding that took place at a farm of Megan’s parents in Chester, Vermont was a small ceremony with just 15 guests, held in a snow-covered paradise. Craig donned a kilt (he’s Scottish by birth) on big day of his life while Megan showed her beautiful legs in a knee-length Les Habitudes dress.

Craig started out his career as a drummer in a rock band called Exposure. He then joined a punk band called ‘The Bastards from Hell’. His band used to give regular performances in Glasgow; his native hometown during 1980-1982. He is best known for his show talk show, ‘The Late Late Show’. The show is an Emmy-nominated and a Peaboy-winning show.  

Reportedly, after Craig Ferguson succeeded Craig Kilborn, the ‘The Late Late Show’ ratings improved. The show beat Late Night Show by Conan O’Brien by 11k for weekly ratings in the 2008 of the show. In 2009, Craig’s 1.8/6 share rating topped Jimmy Fallon’s 1.6/6 share rating.

Ferguson announcement that he would be leaving the show was made on 28th April 2014. The final episode was aired on 19th December, 2014. The franchise continued with James Corden.  

Besides hosting a Peaboy-winning talk show, Ferguson has played many roles in the entertainment sector. He is created a character named ‘Bing Hitler’ which was highly appreciated at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe; 1986.It was even recorded at Tron Theatre back in his hometown Glasgow and released in the late 80’s. He has also worked in TV shows like Red Dwarf. He is also the author of books like Between the Bridge and the River (2006, novel) and American on Purpose: The Improbable Adventures of An Unlikely Patriot (2009, memoir).   


Craig had announced his marriage to Megan on his show on 5th January, 2009. He said, ‘The wedding took place in Vermont, where they have legalized gay civil unions – and I married a woman’. He showed off his ring and added, "It's not just bling."

Ferguson has been married thrice and divorced twice. His first wife, Anne Hogarth is a graphic designer and his second wife, Sasha Corwin is a bodybuilder. He has one son, Milo Hamish Ferguson from his second marriage to Sasha Corwin. Craig shares Milo’s custody with Sasha who lives about two blocks away from him.

Ferguson announced Megan’s pregnancy on Twitter on 14th July, 2010. He tweeted:

Holy crackers! Mrs F is pregnant. How did that happen? Oh yeah I know how. Another Ferguson arrives in 2011. The world trembles.


The couple celebrated the arrival of their baby boy, Liam on 31st January, 2011. The much-in love couple Craig and Megan have been happily together for years.




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