MSNBC'S Joy-Ann Reid Net worth, Salary, and Career

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Jess Jackson, John Lewis, Martin Luther King Jr , Barack Obama- all of these people have surely changed the history of America and created an era with their work. But the list doesn't end there. Joy-Ann Reid; a political analyst, author, journalist by profession, documentary maker and mother too. All these roles played by a single lady being a Black American in the USA. if these all don’t describe her enough then for sure her net worth will,which comes around millions.

Completing more than half a century of her life Reid has dedicated more than eighteen years to her profession, earning a net worth of about 1.5 million dollars.A Harvard graduate, Reid is currently working as the national correspondent of MSNBC channel previously contributing as host for the channel’s show - The Reid Report. Along with that, she has been associated with big media houses and websites like, ImageLab LLC, The South Florida Times and Radio One. Her professional career has been very successful and she is considered one of the most promising and dedicated television host and liberal political commentator in America.

In addition, one of the most contributing factors to her net worth is  her famous book - Fracture which gave her critical appreciation and high amount of recognition too. However, she obviously did not make it big all of a sudden. In one of her interviews, she also revealed that she worked as a junior staff before she officially began her career in 1998.

She is actively seen tweeting in social media like Twitter about the political issues and giving her personal opinion about the current affairs. About the recent gun shootout in Orlando too, she had her views.

For the 5 feet 9 inches journalist, she is very successful in presenting her ideas and views about the discrimination in America and is highly appreciated for it. Never associated with any controversy, she lives a happy married life with her husband Jason Reid, who is a documentary film editor for the Discovery Channel. She is also a mother of three kids and resides with them in Brooklyn. She lives a very secretive life despite being a workaholic and quite a less news about any affairs, scandals or link ups have come in the news about her. However for this amazing personality, there is a slight snag about her birthday who once took to social media for expressing her feelings.

She even has her own website where she is seen sharing posts about all her opinions and write-up about various issues and it does have a lot of buzz. Her works have been talked and recognized critically and commercially too. All of which just adds up to her path of earning a net worth of millions. To make it so big being a lady and portraying so many roles all at once truly said America is the country of opportunities and meant for hard workers.

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