Nail Designs: Necessary items and Videos. Learn How To Make Water Marble Nail Art

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The world is evolving. Ideas are boosting up; change is happening, and more than that women empowerment is rising because-#HailFeminism. What in all of this has not changed is that women want to look good. From eyes adoring lenses to fancy hairbands to acrylic nails to coloured lip glosses and now the latest trend- Nail Art because why not?

Gone are the times when bangles and rings, nail paints and bracelets were used to adorn the hands. In this LEGENDARY (Barney reference right there) world of constant progression, the times of nail art have come up.

Parties, works, wedding, formal or casual - you can do a nail art of all types. The main reason being nail art is durable; this one being the most important for women who are always in a rush. Not just for cute girls who are girly, it is as suitable for women who are always in for corporate meetings. The trend of nail art being popular in all ages is you get it in all creative ways. Right from teddies in a background to shiny stars, glitters shimmering around and even social sites (Facebook lovers you might love this) or just monochrome prints. It is available in all shades. So, ladies, this is a must try. You can any day just flaunt it and woman selfie a must and no need of a caption either. Just post it and see those friends go green.

Social Nail Art

Also, it is very easy to do, and many popular channels on YouTube have the facility of DIY. Keeping that in mind, many cities like California, Chicago, New York have opened up nail spa because even your nails need the right amount of TLC. You get an expensive care for your nails as spa, and nail art is not to be missed there. After all pampering, your nail is not a bad idea any day. It goes through a lot, and it must be maintained. However, visiting spa monthly is a mess for your finances so how about trying it at home? Just make sure you have all the necessary items.

•    Matt Topcoat

•    Nail Repair Formula

•    Dotter

•    Loose Glitter

•    Staple Shades

•    Nude Polish

These are going to cost you less than the spa so why not get all the items for becoming a pro nail artist? No, you don’t need bricks and muds just nail polish and polish remover. If you are the energetic kind, you can also buy extra shades and ready-made designs according to your preferences. It is like doing what you love ladies because why should boys have all the fun, yeah?

Simple Nail Art

And this fun begins only to stop when you want and choose what you love. Don’t believe us; it's nothing but the truth. There are many techniques available and not just one method to satisfy you.

Start it with Dotting which is the simplest one. Just make dots because polka dots are so in the trend nowadays. It is so easy that even when you are bored you can just plot dots, and you are all ready to go.

When you master the art of dotting, you can do sponging. Not sponge bath, but mixing two colours and then blending it according to what you like. Sounds easy enough, no?

Finally conquering the basic two go stamping all the way. Just a friendly caution- DO NOT TRY it until you feel you can draw any art you want. Take it as a warning if you can’t draw just leave it, but yes practice makes a man perfect; Applies to ladies as well.

Creative Nail Art

And all of these are so easy and affordable and durable, so you should obviously try it. It is not at all a waste of time because looking pretty is sometimes cool too.

Interestingly woman who might just think of it as a waste of time you go wrong there because this form of nail art is so popular in the US that Nailympics was organised. Does the name give you a Deja Vu? Yep, you got it right, it is an Olympic for nails as the ladies get to show their creative side by using colours, glitters, design and what fits their head right.

The constant need for women to look pretty is a necessity after all first impression is the last impression.  Moreover, smartness is the key because the first thing you do when you meet someone is shaking hands. How about catching the attention with shiny nails that leave an impression for a lifetime?

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