NBC Anchor Lester Holt and wife CArol Hagen getting a divorce after 33 years of married life?

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Does the magic wear off after being together with the same person for over 33 years? Yes, seems to be the answer in the case of NBC anchor Lester Holt and his wife Carol Hagen. The two, who have been one of the most iconic couple in American television landscape, have finally had enough of one another, reports suggest. Sources claim that they are considering the possibility of getting a divorce.

Close friends of the couple have stated that their relationship is going in a downward spiral. It has also been a long time since the couple was seen together in public. There seems to be no communication between the two. Various news outlets have reported that the tension between the two is on the rise.

Lester Holt’s job as NBC Nightly News anchor keeps him pretty busy. He has a strong commitment towards his work. It has also been reported that Holt rarely stays home and spends time with his family. The anchor spending less time with his family is considered the main reason behind him falling out of love with his wife of 33 years.

Reports claiming Lester Holt was dating one of the backstage productions crew from his show had surfaced on the internet, earlier this month. This rumor seems to have added fuel to the already burning fire in Holt’s married life. The distance between him and his wife seems to have increased even more after those claims.

Lester Holt has two children with his wife. It is suggested that the children are the only thing that is keeping Holt from getting a divorce at the moment. The divorce could make his children’s life uncertain. Reports suggest Holt loves his children far too much to let that happen

Lester Holt has a multi-racial ethnicity. He is a popular figure in white and black community alike. In fact, Holt is one of the few TV personalities to get equal love from both the community. He claims he is a supporter of peace and justice, rather than a supporter of a particular community. This style of his has won him millions of followers.

With a lovable personality and charming looks, Holt has millions of fans worldwide. Holt’s look appeals to a wide spectrum of people.  Gay or straight, male or female, all of his fans seem to have an interest in Holt’s body. “Shirtless Holt” makes a frequent appearance in the most googled keywords. However, to his fans disappointment, there is not even a single photograph of Holt shirtless.

His yearly salary is $4 millions. His net worth is valued at over $20 million dollars. Calm and collected, Host has an amazing personality. So, it can be said for certain that even if Holt gets a divorce with his current wife, it would not be difficult for him to get a girlfriend (if he doesn't have one already).


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