Olivia Holt's New Boyfriend is Ray Kearin after Luke Benward. They are So Adorable

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Yet another Disney star Olivia Holt is painting the town red!

The popular American actress and singer Olivia who rose to fame with an Original movie from Disney Channel ‘Girl Vs Moster’ is all head over heels for her boyfriend Ray Kearin. And look at them! Aren't they adorable?

Olivia Holt with her boyfriend Ray Kearin                                    Source: celeb news

Actually, it’s not a new thing for fans to spot them together. They are most of the time cuddling and squeezing into each other without a care in the world. They are one of the happening couples now.

But what about her ex Luke Benward? If you recall they were also so romantic back then. However, their relationship could not work out as people remarked ‘it came to an end for good’. They might have stayed friends after that bitter break up but Olivia once perplexed all of us with her post in her Instagram after she got split from Luke.

In 2014, she wished Luke a very happy birthday and with how she wished him, we even thought that they were still dating. She said: "Today is my best friend’s birthday. (aka young leo dicaprio) (I MEAN SERIOUSLY), I just wanna say how proud I am of all your accomplishments. You're the most driven + passionate human being I know. Happy Nineteenth.". Now, wasn’t that confusing? But the good thing is that the rumor of them still being together got subsided pretty soon.

Now that Olivia is all crazy about her new beau Ray Kearin, people don’t care about who the actress dated before. They are like ‘that was all in the past’.

Yes, she is so damn in love with this guy, it’s not me, it’s her who boldly shared about how she feels about Ray. Lucky Ray!

She said "I do [have a boyfriend], his name is Ray. He's a dream boy. We actually just met pretty recently, but I'm so crazy about him, it's kind of hard not to talk about him. I'm just really content and happy with my life right now. I'm on cloud nine,".

Awwwww….That is literally very very sweet.

Ever since Olivia Holt and Ray Kearin started dating, fans have spotted them together almost most of the time. The actress celebrated her eighteenth birthday with her new beau. They were looking so cute and they looked even cuter when Ray gave a peck on her cheek.

Additionally, the couple attended ‘Coachella Music Festival’ 2016 together where Olivia hugged Ray and people were like ‘they are the couple goals’.

While Olivia and Ryan are getting all cuddly and smoochy, some gossipers are busy spreading rumors that their relationship might not last long.

Shut up and get a life!! C'on, look at them, they are the couple made in heaven and they are so damn adorable.

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