Randy Orton and Kim Marie having baby. What about Samantha Speno and his Baby Alanna Marie Orton?

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WWE super-wrestler Randy Orton and his wife Kim Marie are expecting their first baby together on November 2016. Randy even reached out on twitter to re-tweet his wife’s picture of her baby bump. Kim Marie, who is a mother of three, altogether is expecting her fourth child, a daughter.

Randy Oroton and his wife Samantha Speno

Samantha Speno and Randy Oroton were married for 5 long years from 2007-2013. Although not confirmed, the way they met was quite typical; they first supposedly met at a bar. The former couple got engaged in 2005 and eventually tied the knot in September, 2007. In 2008, the pair welcomed their first baby girl named Alanna Marie Orton. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted until 2013 and they decided to call it off. Samantha filed for a divorce in 2013 citing that the marriage was permanently broken.

Before her marriage to Randy, she worked as a gymnastics instructor, but later according to her Twitter, she had changed her profession to becoming a makeup artist and fashion stylist.

Randy Orton and Samantha Speno's Divorce Settlement

Their divorce wasn’t much of hype as compared to how controversial Michael Jordan’s divorce settlement was. According to Fabwags, Samantha received an amount worth $6, 54, 000 along with her $99,000 engagement and wedding ring. Moreover, she got a house and full custody to their 8-year-old daughter.  Randy, whose net worth is around $8 million (around $3 million in 2013), has also approved to pay a monthly amount of $45,000 for child support. Randy has definite rights for visitations though.

According to TMZ, Samantha didn’t directly state that it was Orton’s work schedule that drove their relationship to an end but she did mention that being away from home most of the time didn’t help at all.

WWE star Randy Orton and his ex-wife Samantha Speno

WWE star Randy Orton and his ex-wife Samantha Speno

Randy Orton and Kim Marie’s Relationship

After his split with his first wife, Randy has been in a romantic relationship with New York based Kim Marie Kessler since February 2014. The couple got engaged after a year in July 2015; Kessler even took the opportunity to tweet a photo of her engagement ring on Twitter.

The couple had their wedding ceremony on 15 November 2015 and Kim posted a picture on Twitter to let the world know that they were off to their wedding destination with her kids and her step-daughter.

Their family looks lovely right?

The perfect and happily married couple even managed to make a tattoo of their spouses initials on each others fingers right after their wedding. They do seem to be going realy strong and we hope the live an even joyful life ahead for many years to come!

Kim and Randy's Tattoo

Kim and Randy's Tattoo


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