Rapper ASAP Rocky dropped From Stage Diving Lawsuit

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American rapper and member of ASAP Mob ASAP Rocky dodged the bullet after he was dropped from Stage Diving Lawsuit.

ASAP Rocky was charged with a lawsuit in 2013 when a woman by the name of Krystina Clowes filed a case of Stage Diving and crowd surfing.

In her lawsuit, Krystina stated that she was enjoying the performance of ASAP mob. One of the group members Young Shabba decided to crowd surf. As a result, he landed on Clowes. Although she asked for help, the concert worker refused to leave the room. She had to go to the medical center on her own. When asked about the reason to sue ASAP Rocky, she stated that they had a history of such accidents and should be put to stop.

The lawsuit says that Clowes was in pain for weeks and eventually learned she suffered a fractured vertebra. The plaintiff had to receive chiropractic treatment as well as drug treatments for the injury. Clowes took aim at ASAP Mob for their history of stage diving incidents which caused injuries. She also blamed Live Nation for putting the audience in an unsafe environment by allowing this to happen. It seems she is trying to get around $255k for her injury. Although ASAP mob did take responsibility, she stated that she may not fully recover again.

On May 23, 2016, Clowes dropped off the charges from ASAP Rocky. However, her case against ASAP Ferg, Young Shabba, and Live Nation is still underway.


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