Robert Hawking- An insight into his "less-known" life

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The world knows all about Professor Stephen Hawking, the award winning physicist, cosmologist and author but we know less about his first wife and even much less about his children. He has three children with his first wife, Jane Wilde Hawking. His children are Robert, Lucy and Timothy Hawking, and Robert is eldest of all.

Robert George Hawking was born to parents Professor Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde Hawking in May, 1967. While his father is known for his works in theoretical physics and cosmology, his mother is known for her memoir, Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen. The Academy Award nominated movie: The Theory of Everything is adapted from the same book. Robert has two siblings, 44 year old Lucy Hawking and 36 year old Timothy Hawking. Lucy is an English journalist and novelist. Her most notable work is perhaps the children’s book:  George’s Secret Key to the Universe, which she wrote with her father, Stephen Hawking and his former student, Cristophe Galfard. Lucy studied French and Russian at The University of Oxford. She has been married once. Robert and Lucy’s younger brother, Timothy “Tim” Hawking was born in April, 1979. He studied Spanish at Exeter University and is a fan of Formula one racing.


Robert works as a software engineer by profession. He works for Microsoft. Though his nationality is British, he currently resides in Seattle, Washington, USA. He has lived in Canada as well in the past. Stephen Hawking has previously said that only Robert was interested in science as a kid. Being the eldest child, Robert had to often take care of his father, who suffers from a slow progressing form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Robert’s mother, Jane talked about Robert before the release of The Theory of Everything, she said he “had to do things for his father that children really shouldn’t have to do.” Tom Prior portrayed Robert at age 17 and Oliver Payne at age 6 in the movie.


 Robert is married and has two children, a son and a daughter. Jane has said that she frequently visits Robert in the USA. Stephen and Robert share a good relationship and loves his father immensely. In 2014, Robert, along with Lucy and Tim accepted the ALS ice bucket challenge on Stephen’s behalf. The challenge supports a charity for ALS, the same disease Stephen suffers from.


Robert, Lucy and Tim have all expressed concerns about their father over time. Many allegations were raised after bruises were seen on Stephen’s body several times, he even had a broken wrist. The children suggested that Stephen’s second wife, Elaine Mason, whom he was married to for 11 years, might have been behind the incidents but Stephen denied it. Mason and Hawking got married in 1995 and neither Jane nor his children attended the wedding. Mason has denied other claims suggesting she married Hawking for wealth in the past. The family has had a rocky relationship with Mason. The relationship between Mason and Hawking later ended in divorce in 2006.


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