Singer Linda Ronstadt, age 69, opens up about why she never married and what her ideal husband would be like

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Retired rock singer Rinda Ronstadt has opened about why she is still unmarried in recent interview with our sources. While there are several reports claiming that the singer’s sexual preference is the main reason why she remains unmarried, she had something completely different to say to our reporters. She also revealed the qualities essential in the singer’s ideal husband.  

It was previously believed that Ronstadt was a lesbian and the fear of rejection had stopped her from making her sexuality public. But she dismissed those claims in her interview and revealed the actual reason she is still unmarried at the age of 69.

“I just haven’t found someone who makes me want to give my all to him”, the singer replied when asked why was she unmarried until now. “While most of my contemporaries were busy settling down and having babies, I was creating music for my fans,” she replied when asked why she didn’t get married earlier in her life.  

“Why does everyone who doesn’t get married need to be gay or lesbian? There are plenty of people who are straight and don’t get married their entire life. I am one of those straight people who hasn’t yet been married”, the actress answered when questioned if the reports claiming she was a lesbian were true.

The actress stated that she does hopes to get married one day if the right person comes along. She reportedly said that if she finds someone who understands her and shares the same love for music as she does, she will definitely consider dating that person.

 She also stated that loyalty, personality and caring nature are some must-have qualities for someone who wishes to marry her. She added that she thinks a person with sense of humor is immediately more attractive. She said that if someone can make her laugh, she automatically becomes more attracted to that person.

Despite her old age, Ronstadt is still very attractive. Her net worth is estimated to be around $115 Million dollars. So, it would not be unreasonable to think that many young men would fancy their chances to become the singer’s boyfriend.

Ronstadt has had a very successful professional career. She has won 11 Grammys, 3 American Music Awards, two Academy of Country Music Award and an Emmy. With her melodic and catchy songs, she has also won over the hearts of millions of music lovers worldwide.  She has released 30 studio albums before retiring.  Several of her albums have gone double platinum, platinum and gold. She was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

The singer isn’t very active in social networking sites. She doesn’t have an official Instagram or Twitter account.  She keeps her fans updated about her life through her official Facebook page.

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