Sophie Dymoke and Husband Matthew Goode living Happily with Children Matilda,Teddy and Ralph

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The 38-year-old handsome hunk is the youngest among five of his siblings and has been married to his long-time girlfriend and actress, Sophie Dymoke. The couple dated one another since 2007. Apparently, according to Metro, Matthew first met his wife when he was living in Clapham and she was just there - in front of his doorstep, like an angel. She was a friend of his neighbour. The happy couple has been blessed with three children – 2 daughters and a son. Their eldest daughter Matilda, 7, was born on March 2009, their second daughter Teddie Eleanor Rose, 3, was born on September 2013, and their youngest child, a son named Ralph was born on August 2015.

England-born Downtown Abbey star Matthew Goode has gained immense popularity through his roles in hit TV series and movies. The actor made his debut in the entertainment industry in 2002 through ABC TV-movie named Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister, at a young age of 24. Goode has been nominated for numerous awards since 2005 mostly due to his impeccable acting skills. Other than his professional life, his personal life is equally joyful and full of love.

Although Matthew is a rather private person when it comes to opening about his family relationships to the public, during an interview with Elle, he expressed that he loves the holidays where he can just spend time with his children. “There are no barriers, you can just reach out to the refrigerator, crack open a beer and no one will give you a weird face”, he adds. To show his loyalty towards being a father, Matthew admits to Metro that he has reduced his drinking level way down. 

He further pranks about how drinking while babysitting can help fathers to get onto the same level as their children. “They are just little drunk people” he jokes.

Sophie and Matthew's son, Ralph

Sophie and Matthew's son, Ralph

According to The Star, his main concern about his career so far has been to be far away from the ones he loves. Due to movie shoots, he has to be away from his children who are barely able to walk and talk properly. He shares his dream during his interview – to own a country house at the shores of England, clean some debts off and get a few more good films. Meanwhile, his wife Sophie currently works as a Sales Director at MiH Jeans.

Father to three children Matthew expresses that he misses his family very much whenever he leaves home for movie shoots. Once, he also declined a job because it would cost him a lot more time to be away from his family.

Know more about Matthew Goode

Matthew was recognized as the front man of Hogan Shoes in 2013. For him, William Gilchrist is the best-dressed British-man he has ever witnessed. 

He has been nominated for numerous awards such as the 2015 Screen Actor Guild Awards for Outstanding Performance by a cast in a motion picture for The Imitation Game, which he played alongside Benedict Cumberbatch.

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