South Korean actress Song Hye-kyo is getting married to soon to be husband Song Joong - Ki. It's finally happening

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It's no lie that everyone wants a partner who is as capable as they are and can understand what one is doing.  Getting a spouse sharing same ideology and occupation will surely make your life easy, Won't it? And actress Song Hye-Kyo and actor Song Joon-ki who are the most praised on and off screen couple of Korean film industry are really lucky to have each other as husband and wife. So when did this couple love story started? And when are they going to get married?

Actress Song Hye-Kyo and Actor Song Joon-ki

This k-movie's stars love proposal is one of the most awaited proposals of their fans. There are many rumours about the 'Descendents of the Sun' stars, Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joon-ki dating each other but as they didn’t officially announce it, that is hard to say so. Many also assumed that they were already separated. But you may have also heard the rumour that the couple would marry before the sequel of 'DOTS' gets produced.  




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And yes of course when fans see the two popular stars holding hands in front of huge mass while attending the Red Carpets, we don’t think that’s an unnoticeable action. And the decision of getting cast in the next season of DOTS by both the actors is also another proof that they want to be by each other said. And yes they also went to Asia tour together for the promotion of DOTS.

This stars who have got close being in the series are getting more and more closer these days. Even though Song Hye-Kyo and Song Joon-ki still haven’t confessed openly about their off-screen romance and marriage, it's for sure that they will tie a knot very soon. Or Are they going to have a secret marriage? It’s yet to see.



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