Sundar Pichai and wife Anjali Pichai, living a low profile life

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If you are not up to date with the technology and technological news, then you might have hardly heard the name of Sundar Pichai. Sundar Pichai’s whose real name is Pichai Sundararajan is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Google Inc.

He suddenly gained the fame after being the CEO of Google but before that he was actually in a low profile life and was working hard to have a successful future in the technological field. The guy is such an exemplary person.

As prodigies start showing their talent from an early age, Sundar did the same. The boy from a middle-class family who spent his childhood living in a two-room apartment and grew up in Chennai, India was an extra –ordinary one.

Studying metallurgical engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, he was successful to win the scholarship to Stanford. Pichai in a recent interview said that-

"I always loved technology and while growing up I had dreams of Silicon Valley. I used to read about it, hear stories from my uncle."

Starting his journey through working in the Google’s search toolbar, he is now at the peak of success. We could not achieve everything at once. Everything would happen at a right time if we could passionately work to accomplish it. This is what we could learn through Pichai’s life and struggle. Like others, his parents were his support to bring him at the current position.He says-

“Mom and dad did what a lot of parents would do at that time. They sacrificed many things in life and their disposal income to make sure that their children were educated.”

     Anjali and Sundar Pichai a beautiful couple    Source: purepeople

Let’s take a glance into Pichai’s personal life. He married his high school love Anjali Pichai. She is a chemical engineer who was the same year classmate of Sundar at IIT Kharagpur. They took their affair to the next level and they got married and have a very stable married life. The couple is blessed with two beautiful children and is living in Los Altos Hills, in a home designed by Robert Swatt of Swatt Miers.

They are surely living a luxurious life as Pichai has a staggering net worth of $ 150 million. His success has changed his standard of living and created a different world for him and his family.

Though he has become successful now and he is finally a well-known face in the technological field, his wife is still at a low profile. She is only recognized through the name of Sundar Pichai and being his wife.

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