The Good Wife star Matt Czuchry opens up about his girlfriends and dating life after becoming famous

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Matt Czuchry, the sexy, suave and self important lawyer form the hit TV series  "The Good Wife" has recently opened up about his views on relationships. The  American actor is known to keep his thoughts to himself. However, in his recent interviews, he has given his take on dating and romantic relationships. He also mentioned how being famous has affected his love life .

Matt Czuchry comes from European background. He is of Ukrainian descent from his father’s side. It is believed that this has resulted in him having a different perspective on relationships. He has a different view on relationships than the conventional American one. Matt Czuchry feels that relationships are to be taken seriously.

The actor reportedly said, "I'm enjoying dating. I'm single, though, I'm not in a relationship" when asked about his relationship status. In an interview with CBS watch Magazine, the actor said, "If I’m going to spend time with someone, we have to make each other better people. I won’t waste my time with anything less than that."

With a height of 5 feet 9 inches, an eye catching face and a sexy seductive smile, the actor has millions of fans. He is only 38 years of age. Right now, he is one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry.

Many of his female fans will be more than willing to marry him without a second thought. Matt Czurchry, however, reportedly believes that there is still a lot of work to be done in his career before he can settle down. The actor believes that the time is still not right for him to divert his focus from his career and settle down with someone.

In his interviews, Czurchery has repeatedly stated that he considers marrying a "civilian". This has given millions of his female fans a glimmer of hope. However, it seems his fans should have to wait a little longer to have a shot at marrying him.

Czuchry’s close friends and relatives describe him as nothing like his on-screen persona. He is sweet, shy and subdued off the screen – more boyish than badass. He is often considered to be the most hardworking people on the set of "The Good Wife" by the production crew. His work friend have also described Czuchry as approachable and friendly.  

The actor, who began his acting career through a couple of small roles in episodes of 'Freak and Geeks', and ‘Young Americans’, is now one of the most prominent faces in television. The New Hampshire born TV star has a net worth of over $3 million dollars.

Despite his global popularity, the "Gilmore Girls" star Matt Czuchry doesn't have an official Twitter or Facebook account yet. This is a disappointment to many of his fans who hope to be social with the TV star. However, the actor updates his fan about his recent activities through his official website.


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