Thomas Sadoski talks about his relationship with wife Kimberly Hope, married since 2007

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Thomas Sadoski and wife Kimberly Hope have been married for almost ten years now. The couple are one of the most adorable couples in Hollywood. They have been known to be looked up to by many people who want to begin a relationship and establish something as sweet as the relationship the two of them have.

Thomas first met Kimberly in the year 2005. They began dating, gradually becoming a couple everybody envied for the love they shared between them. Thomas and Kimberly, prior to being involved with each other, had never been in a serious relationship. But, they both seem to have handled their relationship with extraordinary maturity, patience and love for each other.

Thomas, when asked by multiple sources as to the secret of his strong and resolute relationship, has given due credit to Kimberly by saying ”She is a wonderful person, without whom I would not be able to the person I am today”. Thomas has had said the key ingredient in a happy married life is understanding, without which things can fall apart or with which things can fall in place.

Thomas and Kimberly have recently announced plans to start a family. They currently don’t have any children, but have expressed their plans on having kids. They have also decided to leave their city home and have bought an estate near the ocean to start their family. The estate also serves as a private retreat so that Kimberly can start writing her novels.

Thomas is a stage actor and is considered to be one of the best in his generation whereas Kimberly was formerly a model and is now a writer. Thomas has a focused his career in plays and musicals with over thirty productions under his name. Thomas has also appeared in numerous Television Shows and movies. But, he considers himself to be a stage actor and not an on-screen actor.

He has made a number of cameos in major 2014 blockbuster movies such as John Wick starring Keanu Reeves and Wild, which was nominated for an Academy award starring Reese Witherspoon. He is currently working on a Television show set to premier this December titled Life In Pieces. He just finished another set of stage performances for a play titled “The Way We get by”. This was highly acclaimed by critics for his character. According to critics, it was the best performance by an actor of the year 2015.

Thomas has a towering height of 5ft11 inches, which is about 1.8m. He is just 39 years of age and one of the youngest to be made a lifetime member of the show Newsroom.  Thomas isn’t much of a social networker and doesn’t hold a Instagram account. However, he has Twitter which he seldom uses but has managed to get around 18K followers and can be followed under the username @ThomasSadoski.


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