Thor's Loki Tom Hiddleston being spotted with historian Suzannah Lipscomb.

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Thor actor Tom Hiddleston was spotted with the British Historian and TV presenter Suzannah Lipscomb. They were spotted Wednesday night and they were looking absolutely fabulous. Speculation suggested that they met to discuss Tom’s further movie project. 

Contrary to the rumors, Suzannah stated that she just happened to be in the same place at the same time as Tom. The rumor was quick to spread and no sooner she was referred to as the mystery blonde and mystery brunette. At least, she cleared that part in her twitter.

As always Tom was looking dashing in a gray T-shirt, dark jeans and a quilted Ralph Lauren jacket. On the other hand, the beautiful Suzannah was also looking chic on a blue shift dress.

Lipscomb, who specializes in British history has presented various history programs for BBC as well as Channel 5 and people speculated that they were discussing Tom’s next movie which might be related to it.

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