TV Host Chip Foose and wife, Lynne Foose getting divorced, Chip rumored to have another girlfriend

Chip Foose, the brilliant automotive designer and fabricator, has been going through a rough patch in his marriage with his wife Lynne Foose. Rumor has it, they have sought to get a divorce to end the drama once and for all.

Chip after going through difficult times in the last few months with his wife has said he is getting the divorce due to irrevocable differences between him and his wife. Chip, over the last few months, has refused to give a statement on his marital status or the problems he has been facing.

On the other hand, Lynne has been very outspoken about the condition they are facing. She has publicly condemned Chip and accused him of having not one but multiple affairs with a number of women, which she claims led to the divorce.

Chip has not defended himself of the accusation made against him. Sources close to chip have said “The reason Chip has not defended himself is because he was indeed having multiple affairs which has now led to his divorce with his wife”.

Chip and his wife were quite a couple before getting married. They dated for over a year and a half before tying the knot. Chip, earlier in the past, had been very supportive of his then girlfriend and now wife Lynne. However, he now has said that she is not a nice person and is a compulsive attention seeker.  

Chip and Lynne have two children from their lengthy marriage; a son Brock and a daughter Kate. They have said they wish to end the whole separation ordeal as fast as they can for the sake of their children. Chip has also said he is willing to make any sacrifice needed for the sake of his children.

Chip is known around the world for being a pioneer in the field of American hot rod car designs. He also has his own independent company, Foose. The company is known for making custom made super cars and each car is estimated to cost up to $250,000.

Foose’s area of expertise is American muscle cars. He has already been inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame for his vintage designing skills. Other than having his own company, he currently is also working for Ford as the research and automotive consultant specialist.

Chip, due to his popularity as a designer, was part of reality TV series “Overhaulin”. He is also the automotive specialist consulted for many movies based on cars like “The Fast and the Furious” series and “Transformers” series.

Chip is the most popular automotive fabricator in America and has a huge following on social media. His following is estimated to be a total of around 600K. On Instagram itself, he has 250K followers and can be followed as chipfooseofficial.

His net worth remains undisclosed. 

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