What is a Smart Watch? How Much does it Cost? Find out its Top Manufacturers.

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A Smartwatch is a computerized digital watch that has much more functionalities than timekeeping. Early models of the smart watch had some of the basic applications such as timekeeping, translations, calculations, and game playing. 

After 2010, they almost became wearable mini computers with various facilities like FM radio, USB headsets or Bluetooth, phone call and answer or text messages, mobile apps which can operate through a mobile OS, digital audio video player etc.

Whether most of the internal hardware varies, however, most of the Smartwatch have an electronic visual display, might be Organic Light-emitting Diode (OLED) or Liquid Cristal Display (LCD).

To consume less power some companies choose electronic or transflective electronic paper. 

Achievements in Smartwatch in 2016

In 2016, a dual screen smartwatch called, Nabu Watch was released by Consumer Electronic Show, Razer with an illuminated backlit display, which gives care on some standard functionalities as time and date, and a 2nd OLED screen.

That is activated by raising hands, permit access to additional smart features.
Also on 31 Aug, Samsung revealed the Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch, with more upgraded specifications, with at least two different modules, LTE version G3 Frontier and G3 Classic.

Most Expensive watch, Apple Gold Watch

Source: goldgenie

Prices of Smartwatches

The prices of the Smartwatch varies accordingly, they can start from $5 and reach around $10,000.  As per the Q3 2016, the top 5 most expensive Smartwatches are mentioned below.

Gold Apple Watch: Debuted in 2015, Apple’s Smartwatch became highlighted among the smartphone market because of its price, the 18 karat gold Watch of Apple was launched for $10,000.

During the event settled for iPhone 7 Apple has also announced the ceramic Smartwatch with starting price $1249. 

Breitling Exospace B55: In 15th Dec 2015, Exospace B55 was revealed by the watchmaker Breitling. The watch has many features, however, the main attention was its price that is very near to Apples’ Gold watch, i.e. $8,900.

Kairos Smartwatch: There is a huge variation in the price of the Kairos smartwatch, from $899 to $2,500. The highly-priced watches of this company made its way among the most expensive watches.

TAG Heuer Connected watch: It is the first well featured Smartwatch launched by Android Wear which was officially launched in November 2015 including the price of $1,500.

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch: Motion and sleep tracking functions are the two main attraction of this watch which also provides a minimum of two years of battery life. With the cost $1,295, it took the position in our list.  

Top Manufacturers of Smartwatch

In last couple of years Smartwatch market is growing rapidly, also the market has grown up with latest technologies and new innovations, it has expected to take up the market by 115.2% till 2018. 
Some of the famous Smartwatch manufacturers are mentioned below.

Pebble: The Smartwatch maker pebble, one of the largest sellers, most of the pebble watches are bought through Kickstarter. It has continued to manufacture customizable and fully functional Smartwatch.

Martian: Founded in 2007, Martian watches with the facilities of wireless communication being very popular from long for its Engineering in Bluetooth devices and telecommunication industry which is also among the top Smartwatch developers.

Samsung: Smartwatch developed by Samsung has already taken over the millions of hearts just like its Smartphones. It is a South Korean company, mostly famous for its products with latest features and affordable prices.

Sony: One of the largest Company of Electronic markets, Sony has always been popular for its branded products. Like its other products, Smartwatches are also taking a broader place in the market. Sony’s Apps for Smartwatches are available in Google Play.

Apple: The products of Apple has taken as the best products by most of the digital equipment users, this is so much popular for its best quality product, however, the cost of Apple’s products are higher than of others.

Like other products Smartwatch of Apple has also priced highly: although it has got lots of love by the users due to its high quality or brand.

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