What is HoloLens? Detailed review and summary

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Holograms, an air projector was the first innovation that surprised most of the people when it was launched for the first time in the 2000s. But the dynamic technology didn’t stop. With its dynamism, now we are able to get our own AR (Augmented Reality) to organize our daily work. Yes, it’s about HoloLens developed by Microsoft.

Microsoft unveiled development of such Lens in the event of Win 10 which took us all by surprise. It’s the future of computer technology. Yet it is not the complete version as we would be able to see through AR only when the HoloLens are worn. This wearable tech is the proof of future technology and yet- it is to be improvised. 

HoloLens Detailed Review

HoloLens gets the grip to head with the help of the band, thick enough to hold. Actually, this device is heavy, so is not suggested to be used by children. This headset differs from VR headset as there are no wires and smartphones to be added.
The device’ consists of holographic lenses, with the system comprising 2 Gigabytes of RAM and 64 Gigabytes of internal storage. As always, this device is also built with Intel chipset with a 32-bit design. Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is not specified along with HPU. This device also comprises of connectivity module, with the support of WLAN, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. To feel the atmospheric audio, this system has speakers around the ear.
The depth camera, which is able to sense the total depth of space around you works along with the sensors. This headset includes four other surrounding sensors apart from the light sensor.Click here to see how Hololens works

Views on Release

When the first picture of HoloLens was leaked, the impression was like of Google Glass or the VR headset.
“Impression from first look was like the copy of Google Glass
HoloLens’ video review was something like that. In the video, it is shown how the organized work could be with the use of mixed reality.
“Tech shown in the movie IRONMAN is not the future anymore


Change Log

After the announcement on November 15th, much of changes were found within the headset. Microsoft claimed better battery life supporting to five hours and with mediocre uses up to three hours.
Redmond, Microsoft Lab, gave the word to make it lightweight and adjustable to all type of heads in the future edition.
Recently, Microsoft unveiled the pre-order for the Developer Edition, for those who want to develop more out of the headset. For this, the company is also providing documentation, tutorials as well as source code.


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