What's ABC's Meteorologist Cheryl Scott's net worth? Know her annual salary and prolific career

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Cheryl Scott is a meteorologist who is currently working for ‘WMAQ TV and ABC7’. Her career turned on in 2006 when she interned at ‘WCAU-NBC10’. And she has been active since then; with that being said, her net worth is off to reach the sky in no time. Let us all find out about her net worth, annual salary and her prolific career.

Cheryl Scott’s Net Worth and Salary

As indicated by notjustrich, Cheryl’s net worth is somewhere around $1 million; and her salary is $140,000. Because it has been almost 10 years that she put her work as a meteorologist, maybe it might be the reason why she earns in big figures today. So, hard work is the prime key, people. It will surely take us somewhere. 

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Cheryl Scott’s Education and Prolific Career

Cheryl graduated from the ‘Brown University’ with a Bachelor Degree in Geographical Sciences in 2007; and she earned her Meteorology Certificate from the ‘Mississippi State University’.

Cheryl’s career took off in Philadelphia in 2006 when she interned for ‘WCAU-NBC10’. This gave her so much of knowledge about the fundamentals of forecasting. Later in 2007, she worked for ‘WSEE-TV’ in Erie as a weather person; also, she served as a 24-hour weather reporter for a Caribbean Weather Channel’. 

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Then, Cheryl continued as a weekend meteorologist for NBC affiliate in Tennessee. Here, she covered some major incidents like damages caused by tornados and so on; she reported information after the storm hit the area. After it subsided, Cheryl helped Red Cross and assisted people in need.

In 2014, Cheryl started serving ‘ABC 7 Eyewitness News’. People over there used to appreciate her work and they used to call her a knowledgeable, experienced and informative young woman. Furthermore, to let you guys know, Cheryl is also in the Board of Directors of the ‘American Red Cross’.

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Cheryl Scott Personal Life

Even though she is a TV personality, Cheryl hasn’t revealed much information about her personal life. Some sites believe that she is dating and soon to get married. However, there are some sites that refer that she is not taken yet. But a hot and beautiful girl like Cheryl, I am pretty sure that she is dating someone. Don’t you agree?

Cheryl’s Instagram profile once evidenced that she might have dated ‘Josh Iachelli’. But soon, she blocked outsiders to get in her profile. There was this time when it was open and we could see her pictures. However, you need to get accepted to see her posts on Instagram now. And you know what; it proves that she doesn’t want outsiders to know what’s happening in her life. Well, if you want that Cheryl, we don’t have any objections towards your action. 

Josh Iachelli and Cheryl Scott

Josh Iachelli and Cheryl Scott

Source: instagram

Josh Iachelli and Cheryl Scott

Josh Iachelli and Cheryl Scott

Source: instagram

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