What's Afton Smith net worth? See her source of money and career as an actress.

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Fried Green Tomatoes actress Afton Smith is best known as the former wife of a Hollywood star actor Brendan Fraser. The actress and actor of George of the Jungle are no more together but the actress and mother of three still receive child support money from her former husband. Her net worth in recent days is around US $ 1 million.

The Reality Bites actress was born on 3rd December 1967 and was raised in Northport, Long Island, New York, USA. The famous actress of nineties is still a hot property of Hollywood and we admit that Brendan Fraser after losing her would surely have realized that the beautiful actress was one of the most precious trophies that he lost. the couple has three wonderful sons together named Griffin Arthur Fraser, Holden Fletcher Fraser, and Holden Fletcher Fraser.

So, if you wonder how much does the actress makes per year and how much she got a settlement money from the famous actor Brendan then we are here with the answers. In today's gossip, we will disclose the settlement money that she got from her former husband, as well as her income from projects she is doing in her recent days, to sum up, her salary and Net worth. So, without delay, here is all you need to know about Afton Smith.

Acting career

The actress has appeared in only four movies in her in her entire career and her most successful movie so far is George of the Jungle 1997 alongside Brendan Fraser which earned 174.4 million dollars in Box office. Other movies like Fried Green Tomatoes which was released in 1991, Less Than Zero 1987 and Reality Bites 1994 could not be quite a success story for the actress even if the story line up and movie build up was good enough to make a hit.

The Gorge of the Jungle paid her pretty well as her salary but the celebrity life comes with a price to pay. She in her recent days is completely idle and is totally relying  on Brendan's child support money as confirmed by the sources.

Salary and net worth

She is no more in the field of acting from a long gone era and it looks like she is not busy with any new movie or TV project as well. So, we can say that all of her money that she gets now is the child support Alimony from her former husband Brendan Fraser. The condition of the former actress of the best selling movie in 1997 Gorge of the Jungle is not very good financially.

The actress as the sources confirm claimed for about $900,000 dollars as the settlement money from his former husband but she finally settled in USD $300,000 alimony for child support every year for some years. though the actress has no any movie lined up we believe her net worth to be around 1 million dollars on today's date.

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