where is child-actress Kerri Green now? Is she dating anyone? Is she married?

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Actress Kerri Green, who had portrayed the role of Andy in the popular movie The Goonies might be now doing something up in her married life with her children and seems busy writing scripts for the films and auditioning foe bit parts for film and TV.

Green, who has performed as a young teen in several movies had her big break in the movie of 1985 The Goonies.  She is married and currently lives in Loss Angeles, California with her husband and kids and is now credited as “Kerri Lee Green” after her marriage in the nineties. She is still heard to be writing screenplays for Hollywood but is unpopular in public.

 Green decided to quit acting in 1990s and started studying art at Vassar College. After quitting acting, Green did not completely leave the film industry but she occasionally did some guest appearances in the TV shows like ER and Law and Order. In 1999, Green launched a production company, Independent Women Artists and directed one of the company’s movie, Bellyfruit which is based on teenage pregnancy. She co-founded this company with Bonnie Dickenson. She also played lead role in the Indie drama ‘Complacement’ in 2010.

In 2009, Green reunited in the 25th anniversary of The Goonies and told Empire magazine, "Andy would still be in her mini-skirt, with a cigarette and martini, waiting for [Brolin's character] to come home!"

Green now is not the popular face among audiences and doesn’t appear on TV and social media much so there are not any such rumors made about her. As she is married and is living with her kids and husband, she is probably not dating anyone and does not have boyfriend. Despite various claims on the internet, she is not a lesbian.

The teenage actress born in New Jersey has done the movies like Summer Rental, Lucas, Three for the Road, The Burden of the Proof, etc

Green’s TV shows include Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color, ABC Afterschool Special, Mad About You, etc.

Green had skipped her summer camp and decided to attend some movie attend some movie audition in New York where she was not noticed by anyone than Steven Spielberg, who cast her as Andy in Richard Donner’s adventure movie The Goonies which was one of the biggest hits of 1985. It was the only movie for which Green is popularly known for as a teenage actress though.

The net worth of actress, director and writer Green is estimated to be two hundred thousand dollars.

So, now Kerri Green sometimes pops up at television and she is heard to be busy writing scripts for the Hollywood films. She is currently living in Loss Angeles, California with her children and husband.

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